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In last night’s post I mentioned that Bron was cooking up a storm for dinner. She told me she used every plate in the cupboard to do this and truly it was one of the best home made meals I’ve ever eaten. Bron has been experimenting with Mexican cuisine a little lately and for dinner we had a Mexican theme.

For starters Bron made some home made corn chips using tortillas

Home made corn chips

These were amazing with sour cream and some of David Lebovitz’s guacamole


As part of the main course Bron prepared some corn fritters. I’ve always loved corn or zucchini fritters. They are just fried loveliness.

Corn fritters

Nothing like the sizzle of fritters


Gratuitous video of corn fritter frying


Alongside the corn fritters the Pièce de résistance was a pulled pork stuffed avocado coated with egg and fried

Main course

Served with David Lebovitz’s guacamole and sour cream


There was some pulled pork left over so I finished it off with some sour cream and guacamole

Left over pulled pork

This was so yummy


For dessert Bron made a caramelised white chocolate and lemon curd with double cream tart


Dessert was eaten as we watched Game of Thrones Series 3 episodes 2 and 3


After a good sleep Bron made breakfast

Poached egg and marmalade on toast

Nothing like a good breakfast


Cracking open the egg revealed a perfect runny yolk

Poached egg

A yellow runny water fall of happiness


For lunch we’d booked a table at one of our favourite restaurants in Canberra, viz., The Dumpling Inn. We hadn’t eaten Yum Cha for what seemed like an age.

Yum Cha is one of life’s joys. A meal of guaranteed happiness.

Char siu pork

I love walking past Chinese restaurants and seeing char siu pork and roast ducks hanging in the windows. I love finely slice char siu pork with noodle soups.


Steamed pork ribs

This was nice but a little grissly


Rock salt chilli chicken drumettes

The flavours were amazing with this dish and very similar to their rock salt calamari. The chicken was so tender it was fall off the bone good.


Sticky rice and pork dumplings

This is similar to a sweet dish my grandfather’s brother Les used to make with coconut and sugar


Char siu boa (one of my favourite foods)

On a cold night, a few of these make a remarkably good snack


Every culture has a wrap :-) Peking duck pancakes

Pure happiness in a wrap


Steamed pork dim sim

These were very nice with hot chilli sauce


Crispy skin roast duck

Mmm…crispy skin duck. What more can you say?


Custard tarts

I really liked Bron’s Portuguese custard tarts, these were good too


We left The Dumpling Inn feeling very satisfied. I’ll let you in on a secret. Before I walked in I loosened my belt a notch to avoid any in-restaurant embarrassment :-)


So it’s been an amazing weekend in food. What we really need next weekend is an amazing weekend in exercise. I hope you all have a good week ahead.


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15 thoughts on “Bron cooking up a storm | Dumpling Inn Macquarie | #bestblogs13

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  2. My husband’s stomach lives vicariously, through your blog! Off to fix him a ham and cheese sandwich that will resemble absolutely nothing, on this page. :) You and Bron should open a restaurant, you both are amazing cooks!

  3. You are a very good cook, and so is Bron, and I love all the dishes she’s made that you have posted. My compliments to Bron!

  4. Dear Bron
    When will you cook for all of your devoted followers? Some of these photos are so good they’re torture!
    Love from the internet :)
    (I so want to do Dumpling Inn yum cha! I can never convince others ;()

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