Vietnam flashbacks and Blu Ginger

The final line on my Wednesday post was that I would look forward to attending work on Thursday. Because, you know, gloating when your team wins is fun.

On a wall in my work space I have two flags “flying”. On top I have the flag of the sovereign state of Queensland and below it the flag of the Northern Territory of Australia. The two best places in Australia.

I couldn’t help a little bragging on Instagram as I had my morning coffee


The day just got better. It was pay day and that means a hot pie for lunch.

This was a chunky beef and mushroom pie. It was pretty good.


At work we have some Christmas decoration letters. Sadly we don’t have the full alphabet. Thursday’s work word of the day was apt.

It’s a pity we didn’t have four Xs :-)


In support of charity

You really need to click on the top right corner and check out the comments that were made


Dinner was a roasted Chicken Maryland with a spicy garlic and ginger yoghurt on some cabbage.


Friday started well with porridge and condensed milk


Friday’s weather was all over the place. It was bucketing down and then becoming bright and blue. It seesawed throughout the day. As I left the hospital the afternoon was bright blue with a hint of the moon.


Friday night Bron invited me over for dinner. Look at these fresh spring rolls. They were amazing and the dipping sauce Bron made was fantastic.


Not only did we have spring rolls but we had San Choy Bau.

Little lettuce leaves filled with happiness


The weather on Saturday was forecast as bleak with the day not getting above 10 °C. That meant I needed breakfast from the shelf of shame.


Plus coffee from my local


Lunch had further shame

Sardines on toast is a favourite of mine. I just love tinned fish. An Facebook friend suggested adding a little vinegar too.


Last night I went to dinner with some Canberra friends. We went to an Indian restaurant in Civic. Blu Ginger is pretty popular but I’ve never been there before.

For an entrée I had lamb cutlets

These were succulent


For a main course I had goat curry which was nice and spicy


After Blu Ginger we walked over to Koko Black for dessert

I had a debate in my head about chocolate versus vanilla ice cream

Guess what won?

If you click on the top right hand corner you’ll see my Instagram feed started comments on boobs :-) (.Y.)


I also had a Belgian classic hot chocolate


This morning I woke up feeling a little delicate. Normally spicy food doesn’t affect me. Who knows. The best way to fix a uneasy belly is with an omelet.

This had spam, coon cheese, basil, and mint in it


Bron invited me over for lunch. She made Bánh mì. Bron had bought Saigon rolls from the local bakery and had already made from scratch some Chả lụa.

Bron also made her own carrot and daikon pickles. We had pâté, coriander, cucumber, and mayonnaise. This was amazing. It was like we were back in Ho Chi Minh City.


It didn’t get much above this today

Hello Mr Owl


Chả lụa
Bánh mì

Blu Ginger on Urbanspoon

TripAdvisor reviews

Blu Ginger

Non food ratings

Napkins Fail (they were paper)

Toilet 3/5 because there was no paper towel and the air dryer was pathetic.

Table clearing Pass

Google maps

Koko Black on Urbanspoon

TripAdvisor reviews

Koko Black

Google maps

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