Restaurant review Rowleys Rydges Camperdown for Yummy Lummy

Room service restaurant review of Rowleys restaurant

I’m in Sydney this weekend for a meeting. I’m staying at the Rydges Camperdown. After a meeting this afternoon and getting through my e-mail inbox I thought I prepare for tomorrow’s meetings and have an early night with room service.

A photograph of my dinner tonight. Pork belly with cabbage and apple ragout
Braised belly pork, cabbage and apple ragout for #dinner at Rowleys Restaurant Rydges Camperdown

The pork belly was very nice. It was tender and moist. The skin wasn’t a crackling but more like a deep fried skin, it wasn’t tough, it was easy to cut through and delicious. Best of all it wasn’t overly salty. The lettuce had suffered a little in the move from the kitchen and my room. It was fairly wilted but it did have a nice flavour. The cabbage and apple ragout was a sweet base for the pork and was a great accompaniment. I’d happily eat this dish again. 

A photograph of my panna cotta dessert
Vanilla , Panna cotta, Balsamic vinegar, Basil, Chocolate crumb, Strawberries for #dessert

This dessert was very nice although quite small. I reckon it measured about three dessert spoons in size. 

A photograph of my Vanilla ice cream with my #dessert
Vanilla ice cream with my #dessert

It’s a good thing I also asked for a serve of ice cream.

A photograph of my room at the Rydges Camperdown
My room at the Rydges Camperdown

This hotel is close to the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and the University of Sydney. I expect they have a few families stay here so a double and two singles wasn’t a surprise.

A photograph a broken toilet flush button
Broken toilet flush button

I wonder how difficult it is to repair a toilet flush button.

Now that I’ve enjoyed a nice meal I can have a shower, get into my PJs and prepare for tomorrow. 

Good night. 

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