Papaya Thai Eatery and cafe restaurant review by Yummy Lummy

Tonight I ate at the Papaya Thai Eatery and cafe

Not far from the Rydges Camperdown on Missendon Road is Papaya Thai Eatery and Cafe. It’s not a flash looking place but it was close and I was hungry.   

A photograph of Papaya Thai Eatery and cafe
Papaya Thai Eatery and cafe

The menu reminds me a little of Chong Co Thai in Canberra. I chose the salt and pepper calamari for an entrée and the soft shelled crab as a main meal.

A photograph of Deep fried calamari
Deep fried calamari

The calamari wasn’t really salty or peppery. In fact it was just deep fried, not that there was anything wrong with that. I enjoyed eating it. The squid pieces were a little big and therefore chewy but not tough. The salad had a nice tang to it. I finished it off.

A photograph of Soft shelled crab
Soft shelled crab

The soft shelled crab was delicious. The vegetables were nicely cooked and still crunchy. The chilli wasn’t too hot but it had nice heat. The crab itself was done is a spicy sauce with a good hit of peanut paste to make it retain its flavour while masticating. 

I’d happily eat a quick meal here again. I was satisfied with the portion size and the service was quick and friendly. Not too bad for a suburban Thai restaurant.




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