A foggy day makes for a good food day

Today the fog didn’t lift until after 10.30 am. It was also cold. I was feeling a little out of sorts with a headache and feeling very tired after a poor night’s sleep. I kept thinking a good meal will make me feel better.

A photograph of fog over Lake Ginninderra
Fog over Lake Ginninderra at 10.30 am

For breakfast I cooked scrambled eggs with Strasburg sausage and bacon along with the dollop of cream cheese.

A photograph of my breakfast
Yay for Saturday morning breakfast. Scrambled eggs with Strasburg sausage and bacon.

For lunch I cooked a piece of chicken thigh schnitzel along with some spicy chilli guacamole. 

A photograph of my lunch
Today’s yummy lunch. Chicken thigh schnitzel, tasty Coon cheese and guacamole

For dinner I cooked myself a piece of chicken thigh schnitzel with some cauliflower mash made with spinach and parsley along with cream and cream cheese. I also added some mushrooms.

A photograph of my dinner.
Saturday night dinner. Chicken thigh schnitzel with mashed cauliflower and spinach.

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