Restaurant Review Tosung Charcoal Korean barbecue and San Churro Woden

Our second time enjoying Korean barbecue

This is our second Korean barbecue experience in Canberra

Picture a Thursday night in cold cold Canberra; Bron, Li Peng, Peter and I went out to dinner at Tosung Charcoal BBQ in Griffith. We’d previously eaten at Hangari Kimchi in Dickson and really enjoyed the cuisine.

Tosung Charcoal BBQ
Tosung Charcoal BBQ

As we entered the door the slightly smoky warmth engulfed us. The rich smoky odours wafted into our noses. It wasn’t unpleasant and given the amount of red hot charcoal in the place we weren’t overwhelmed with smoke. Above each table is a vacuum tube that draws the smoke and cooking odours away from the table. I assume there is a big charcoal filter somewhere in the roof cavity because outside there is no discernable odour at all.

Tosung Charcoal BBQ welcome cats
Tosung Charcoal BBQ welcome cats

We’re shown a table next to a wall with bench seats on either side. In the centre of the table is a metal lined pit into which is placed a basket of red hot charcoal. A thick wire mesh is placed over the coals as the cooking platform. Directly above this is the vacuum tube.

Duck and pork ready to barbecue
The table lay out at Tosung Charcoal BBQ

While I wouldn’t say we’re experienced with Korean barbecue cuisine the menu isn’t too daunting. We chose a combination barbecue plate made up principally of pork belly, duck, some pork ribs and sausages. We also ask for a small marinaded beef hot pot and a plate of tofu, pork and spicy kimchi. A bottle of wine is procured and everyone is happy.

The thinly sliced pork and duck didn’t take long to cook and fortunately there is a good amount of these small treat sized servings so the large ribs and sausages can cook through.

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Duck and pork ready to barbecue
Duck and pork ready to barbecue

The hot pot soup has an amazing sweet flavour and at the end, my inside voice asked for more.

Barbecue beef hotpot
Barbecue beef hotpot

The tofu dish had some really spicy kimchi on it which was delicious. I could eat much more of the kimchi but not so much the tofu. I really don’t know why so many people like tofu.

Tofu, kimchi and pork
Tofu, kimchi and pork

There was also a fresh salad but I didn’t have any because I didn’t want to waste space that should be occupied by meat and pickled cabbage. I also knew there was going to be a dessert excursion too.

After we’d finished our meal we hopped into our cars and drive to Woden to try the Chocolateria San Churro. Chocolateria San Churro was born in 2004 in Melbourne and has spread much like Max Brenner. The other chocolate option in Canberra is Koko Black.

When we arrive the place is packed, fortunately Peter and Li Peng had arrived before us and had grabbed a table. We look at the menu and obviously we want churros but how much should we ask for? Bron and Li Peng agree to share a single serve of three churros and one dipping sauce while Peter and I believe we should have three each and get two dipping sauces. As it turns out, if you check in using Facebook you can double a single serving so while the waiter is there I Like San Churros and check in to the Woden store. But is churros enough? Bron, Li Peng and Peter all ask for drinks and I ask for a salted caramel sundae.

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Churros at San Churros Woden
Churros at San Churros Woden

The sundae was nice, however it lacked a strong sense of saltiness, but the caramel was good. It had a lot of cream and a small amount of ice cream. I don’t know that it was worth the money. The churros were definitely better than I’ve had from carts at theme parks although there wasn’t as much cinnamon sugar on the ones at San Churros. The dipping sauces we chose were milk chocolate, dark chocolate and caramel. The caramel had the strongest flavour.

Salted caramel sundae at San Churros Woden
Salted caramel sundae at San Churros Woden

So how did these places rate.

Tosung | three and a half colonies. I’m happy to return, I’d like to return but if it is doesn’t happen I won’t regret it.

San churros | three colonies. It was good but if I don’t do it again it won’t worry me.


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