The Hearty Vegetarian breakfast at @GrooveTrainAU The Groove Train Chermside

Occasionally I go meatless and the Hearty Vegetarian is fine sans meat

I took my daughters to the Groove Train in Chermside for breakfast. I had a huge day of food on Saturday at The Ekka and didn’t want anything too heavy. I thought the vegetarian option would be lighter.

Hearty vegetarian breakfast

When the server came out he assumed this was for Miss19 and he was surprised when I said it was for me. This breakfast was huge. It wasn’t light at all. The mushrooms were delicious. The boston beans were the yummiest I’ve had. The beans were rich, tasty and full of flavour. The eggs were perfectly poached with the yolk oozing over the hashed brown just the way I like it. Having a little fried onion was also great with the mushrooms. I’d happily eat this again. 


In addition to the Hearty Vegetarian we had bacon and eggs with hollandaise plus a breakfast burger.

Bacon and poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce Breakfast burger

If you’re in Brisbane and want a good breakfast, try The Groove Train

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I skipped lunch and had a nude burger for dinner

Nude burger with bacon and tomato and lettuce


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