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Restaurant Review for Olive at Mawson

On Wednesday night Bron and I dined at Olive at Mawson. We’d been thinking about eating here for many months. Bron had mentioned the owners used to own the Trattoria at the Hellenic Club in Woden. Bron and her work mates like eating at the Trattoria and wondered what their restaurant in Mawson would be like. 

The restaurant is located in the Southlands Shopping Centre in Mawson. It’s a bit hidden away so if you see Coffee Guru and then Thai@Mawson just veer right and you’ll soon come across Olive at Mawson.


After entering we’re shown to our table which is nicely appointed with a linen table cloth and linen napkins. The restaurant itself is nicely decked out and has a nice atmosphere. The lighting is slightly dimmed but bright enough to see what you’re eating. For me, I was happy because the light was sufficient for decent food photography with a point and shoot camera.

After a short interval we’re provided with water and menus. There are specials as well. I had looked at the on-line menu in the afternoon and had thought about oysters but then on the specials menu I saw crispy soft shelled crab.

For an entrée Bron asked for crispy fried olives and I asked for the crispy soft shelled crab. Bron said she thought since we’re eating at Olive at Mawson one of us should have olives.

For a main course Bron asked for the lamb cutlets from the specials menu and I asked for the slowly cooked shoulder of lamb.

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While we chatted about this and that we noticed the friendliness of the wait staff and the owners who were also on the floor. It’s nice to hear a good loud laugh.


Fried olives at Olove at Mawson
Fried olives at Olive at Mawson

Extra large green olives, filled with roasted capsicum, feta and side of aioli

The olives were delicious. The outer coating was crisp and inside the olive was warm and full of flavour.


Soft shelled crab at Olive at Mawson
Soft shelled crab at Olive at Mawson

The crab was crispy and the salad that complemented the crab was refreshing and included sun dried tomatoes and artichokes. I loved this entrée. I’d happily eat it again.


Lamb cutlets at Olive at Mawson
Lamb cutlets at Olive at Mawson

Junee Lamb Cutlets with semi dried tomato, haloumi cheese, oregano and wrappy in crispy filo pastry.

Bron enjoyed these and she was generous enough to share one with me. It was gorgeous, it made me think Lamb Wellington.


Lamb shoulder at Olive at Mawson
Lamb shoulder at Olive at Mawson

Lamb shoulder

Slow cooked lamb shoulder served with steamed greens, lemon oregano potatoes, and a side of garlic yogurt sauce

This was a truly remarkable dish. The meat was amazing and so full of flavour. I’d eat this time and time again. 

I hope you notice the ample pepper on each dish. The owner came and ground pepper on each dish. It was very aromatic. 


Crème brûlée at Olive at Mawson
Crème brûlée at Olive at Mawson

I could hear the top ‘crack’ when Bron broke through with her spoon.

Ice creams at Olive at Mawson
Ice creams at Olive at Mawson

These four different ice creams were delicious.

I’m happy to rate this a five out of five. Outstanding. I’ll be back multiple times.

If you live in Canberra you need to check out Olive at Mawson.

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