Spence Butchery bacon

I finally got to get some Spence Butchery bacon

A month or so ago I blogged about some bacon from Pialligo Estate. Soon after a friend on Twitter, viz., @JohnMalnar suggested I try the Spence Butchery bacon. He reckons it’s the best. I said I would try it and yesterday I managed to get to Spence after my grocery shopping at Westfield Belconnen.  Rather than eating some straight away I went and shot some pelicans around Lake Ginninderra 🙂 


Andy's Spence Butchery 

The bacon looks and feels very good. The cut is substantial and the butcher is happy to cut it in a variety of thicknesses. I got what I thought was a relatively thin cut but even so the bacon is very weighty and dense. It smells really good raw. I asked for 200 g which worked out to two large rashers and cost me just under $5.

This morning I did a very basic bacon and eggs. rather than fry the bacon though I cooked it in my bench top oven.

Andy's Spence Butchery bacon with eggs and avocado Andy's Spence Butchery bacon with eggs and avocado Andy's Spence Butchery bacon with eggs and avocado

Sunday breakfast. Andy's Spence Butchery bacon with eggs and avocado.
Sunday breakfast. Andy’s Spence Butchery bacon with eggs and avocado.

The bacon was very nice. Certainly on a par with that of the Pialligo Estate bacon. I may well return to get more Spence Butchery bacon from time to time. I can also get Pialligo Estate bacon now from Westfield Belconnen.

After that breakfast I needed to go on a decent walk so I walked around Lake Ginninderra and shot some photographs

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5 Responses

  1. We do not have any place here in the Sierra Foothills that would qualify as a butchers. At our grocery stores, the meat in the meat dept. comes to them already packaged and cut…sad…miss having a butcher that could cut me a lovely piece of bacon like the one you feature!

    1. There are many things about modern life I love Barb but a lack of butchers is not one of them. There used to be a butcher in every corner store. I have very fond memories of walking to the shops with my mother and buying meat from the butcher. As you say these days most meat comes prepackaged into supermarkets. The few butchers around are now artisans. I can’t afford to buy their meat every week but when I do it’s a special treat.

  2. I like my bacon cut wafer thin. Our family call it frilly bacon because it curls into frills when it is fried. I will be in Canberra next weekend so I will try to get to the Spence Butchery to give their bacon a try.

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