Retrospective Wednesday Fish fingers sandwich with a twist Thanks @theholsbys and @kateisgreatok

I was reading 8 easy ideas when you’ve lost the will to cook on Keeping up with the Holsbys and noted number 6 was fish fingers.

It sent me back to my young adult life at university and my fourth year in medical school. In my group of six, we were fortunate that one person had a share house in Herston (see map below) and we’d go to her place (Hetherington Street) a few days every week and eat lunch. Herston is the suburb where you’ll find what was then the Royal Brisbane Hospital and University of Queensland School of Medicine. One of our favourite lunches was a fried fish finger sandwich. It consisted of three fried fish fingers (three is the width of a piece of bread and a cheese slice) some tasty Coon cheese slices between two pieces of bread which was then fried. Absolutely delicious.

I miss those days. On some days when we had clinical sessions in another hospital, some friends who were living in a UQ residential college would bring a packed lunch. I would sometimes break into their bag and grab their neatly wrapped sandwiches which were always cut in half. I’d take one neat bite out of one side and then rewrap it and put it back in their bag.

I used to do it a lot more neatly :-)
I used to do it a lot more neatly 🙂

Some readers may be aware that on Monday evenings I eat salmon and on most Tuesday evenings I eat chicken. A twitter friend, viz., @kateisgreatok (I recommend following Kate, she’s queen of subtweeting, is a Star Trek aficionado and she’s also a champion crotchet artist) asked what is my Wednesday meal. I said I didn’t have one but this Wednesday I was going to do something I hadn’t done for a long time. Kate suggested Retrospective Wednesday.

So tonight I’ve gone back in time and made a favourite lunch but with a twist or two.

Retrospective Wednesday Fish fingers sandwich with a twist Thanks @theholsbys and @kateisgreatok
Recipe Type: Lunch or dinner
Cuisine: Australian
Author: Gary Lum
Wednesday retrospective
  • Fish fingers. We used to buy the home brand ones because you could get a gazillion really cheaply. Now I have a job so I splashed out and buy BIRDS EYE™
  • Tasty Coon cheese slices. We all love eating Coon.
  • Cos lettuce because now I’m a grown up
  • Tomato because now I’m a grown up
  • Avocado because now I’m a grown up
  • Butter because I’m bad
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  1. Oven bake the fish fingers. Yes you read correctly, I oven baked these rather than shallow frying them. Growing up sucks.
  2. Spread butter and avocado on the slices of bread and toast the outside after removing the fish from the bench top oven. Yeah, don’t criticise the butter, I nearly added some bacon too.
  3. Lay out the fish fingers on the base slice of buttered and avocado spread toasted bread.
  4. Add slices of cheese
  5. Grill the cheese until it’s melted
  6. On the other slice of buttered and avocado spread toasted bread add the lettuce and tomato
  7. Put it all together to shoot a fancy photograph (with Sony α7S)
  8. Really put it together and cut in half and shoot another photograph (with Nikon D7100)
  9. Eat this bad boy
  10. Clean the dishes
  11. Write the recipe
  12. Write the blog post
I hope you enjoy this as much as I did

Fish finger toasted sandwhich Fish finger toasted sandwhich Fish finger toasted sandwhich Fish finger toasted sandwhich 

PS I’m not sure I’ll do a retrospective Wednesday every Wednesday but it’s got me thinking. Thanks Danielle and Kate

PPS I’ve been toying with mixing it up and trying Salmon Sunday and Meatless Monday. What do you think?

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This was my Tuesday breakfast. Fish fingers with egg and avocado.
This was my Tuesday breakfast. Fish fingers with egg and avocado.


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13 Responses

  1. I can’t say I’ve ever had a fish finger sandwich, I do love a chip butty though. It has to be terrible white bread, lots of butter and hot chips to make the butter melt. Oh my, I just put 3 kilos on thinking about it haha.

  2. I love fish fingers. As a kid, my mum would sometimes make fish and chips with the big fish flake…but I always longed for fish fingers. Your sandwiches look amazing. I do notice you used white bread. I tend to eat wholemeal bread but my tastebuds reckon whitebread goes better with most foods. We have great taste.

    1. Hi Mabel, I usually buy Helga’s pumpkin seed bread. For this sandwich though, it had to be white sandwich loaf for old times sake 🙂

  3. OMG! I am going to the supermarket right now to buy some fish fingers. Oh how I adore fish fingers, I know being a foodie that is not at all okay, but I dont care. I like em and Im proud to say so. 🙂 Great idea, but I don’t think I would put them on a sambo, I like them – Just as they are! 🙂

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