The Cupping Room Restaurant Review

Sunday in Canberra was pretty glorious. The sun was shining and the sky was a beautiful blue. Bron suggested we have breakfast at The Cupping Room.

The Cupping Room is open for breakfast and lunch every day. They don’t take reservations; just walk in and ask for a table. I suggest getting there early because it doesn’t take long for a queue to form. 

We arrived just before 8.30 and there were plenty of tables available. The staff are pretty friendly and helpful. 

Coffee was the first order of business. The Cupping Room doesn’t do lattes and flat whites as such. They do milk based coffees to create a balance of espresso and textured milk. The milk based coffees are served at 60 °C. We were offered the ‘house’ or the seasonal coffee. The house coffee being more chocolatey while the seasonal is more fruity with cherry overtones.

We both asked for the house coffee to begin with knowing that there will be an opportunity for a second coffee at the end of breakfast.

For breakfast I asked for the Ham hock fritters (Ham hock, corn and potato fritters with two poached eggs, ‘cuppers hot sauce’ and a cress and alfalfa salad) and Bron asked for Avo and his mates (Half an ‘A grade’ avocado, whipped goats curd, snow pea sprouts, herb infused Maldon salt and sourdough toast) with poached eggs.

Ham hock fritters with poached eggs, Cuppers hot sauce and alfalfa salad. Apple iPhone 6 with iPhone 6 Plus back camera 4.15mm f/2.2 at 4mm and f/2.2, 1/40sec, ISO 32
Ham hock fritters with poached eggs, Cupper’s hot sauce and alfalfa salad. Apple iPhone 6 with iPhone 6 Plus back camera 4.15mm f/2.2 at 4mm and f/2.2, 1/40sec, ISO 32

The fritters were full of lovely ham hock meat and the fritters weren’t too salty. The Cupper’s hot sauce was amazing. It complemented the fritters and the lovely oozy runny egg yolk from the perfectly cooked eggs. The cress and alfalfa salad was lightly dressed and very refreshing. 

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I’d happily recommend eating here. The coffees we had were excellent. Starting with the house coffee was a good move and then finishing with the seasonal coffee was better. 

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