Ricardo’s Cafe

This morning I had breakfast with Bron at Ricardo’s Cafe in Jamison in the north side of Canberra.

Ricardo’s Cafe is a regular place for us for weekend breakfasts and lunches. If you do a search in Yummy Lummy and the Old Yummy Lummy you’ll find lots of posts featuring Ricardo’s Cafe. This morning Bron tried the new Tiramisu French toast and I had the smoked salmon breakfast (again).

I walked there this morning and enjoyed saying hello to Mr Owl.

Owl statue

Bron enjoyed the French toast noting it wasn’t too dense and not too sweet. You can see the rose water jelly and the chocolate soil. So colourful! Image courtesy of Bron.

French toast


I really liked the salmon, it’s a very filling and satisfying meal.

Smoked salmon and poached eggs

Bron also gave me a vanilla slice she made. I ate it for breakfast dessert. The custard was the best I’ve eaten. It was made from scratch and not from custard powder. If you look closely you can see the vanilla. It was absolutely delicious  I didn’t realise it also had some orange peel in the icing. Bron was very reluctant to let me photograph and share the vanilla slice image because the icing had been affected by condensation from the fridge and Bron thought it was damn ugly.

Vanilla slice

On the walk home I came by some new Canberra public art


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