Christmas party with friends

It’s Christmas party season. Yesterday I spent the afternoon and early evening with Bron, Peter and Li Peng. We spent the afternoon laughing, eating and enjoying a fine warm Canberra afternoon in the sun.

Check out the food. I forgot to shoot a photograph of the oysters that Peter shucked. They were amazing. 


The cheeses were great, especially with dips and pastes and what you don’t see in this image is just how much cheese we started with and how much cheese I ate. It was a lot of cheese, especially blue vein cheese, brie and camembert. The smoked cheddar was just amazing. The wedge in the front has cumin seeds in it. How do you pronounce cumin? Thanks Bron for all the cheeses 


Lots of bread. Bron bought some from Silo Bakery. It was so good with the cheese and as you’ll see it was good with other things too. 


Li Peng made char siu (barbecue pork) and we had it in fresh spring rolls and I had it in sandwiches. 


This is the first part of the spread after we started on the cheeses and before we started to make spring rolls. 



This is my first spring roll about to be rolled. Check out the char siu and prawns 



Peter and I have a common love for prawn sandwiches especially with fresh prawns that have just been boiled. They need fresh white bread, salt, pepper, vinegar and real butter. After eating two prawn sandwiches I branched out and made a prawn and char siu sandwich which was amazing. 

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Li Peng made some panna cotta


2014-12-21_08.56.13_008_GARY_LUM 2014-12-20_16.42.21_009_GARY_LUM

Bron brought a chocolate tart.



Peter made this Turkish delight rocky road



Shucking oysters

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