My top 10 Canberra restaurants

Part 1: Top 10 Canberra Restaurants

We’ve eaten out a lot in 2014 and I thought I’d end 2014 with a list of my top 10 Canberra restaurants. Well maybe not the top 10 Canberra restaurant but 10 restaurants I really liked. 

I’m not necessarily focussing on fine dining either. I like to think a local suburban cafe can mix it with my top 10 Canberra restaurants. So in no particular order Yummy Lummy’s top 10 Canberra restaurants are:

1. Ricardo’s Cafe in Jamison

Ricardo’s Cafe is situated in the Jamison Plaza in Macquarie. You wouldn’t know it’s there unless you looked for it. It’s open 7 days a week for breakfast and lunch and combines main meals with amazing desserts, especially cakes and treats based on mousse. They also do cronuts. If you haven’t visited Ricardo’s cafe and you live in Canberra I’d highly recommend breakfast and lunch. I know some south side people who claim the north side of town is somehow beneath them. I say get over yourselves and try this north side gem. Think smoked salmon, think Wagyu cheeseburger, think Pulled pork sandwich, think caramel thick shake, think a Nutella sandwich!!!

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2. Les Bistronomes in Braddon

Les Bistronomes is relatively new in Canberra and has become very popular. It’s French but friendly. The menu is easy to understand because there’s an English translation and it has amazing words like Beef Wellington and Snails in it. I’ve only been there once but I’d like to return. 

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 3. The Cupping Room in Canberra (Civic)

The Cupping Room does coffee a little differently to most places but that isn’t a bad thing. The food is also excellent (or grouse as residents of Melbourne used to say when I was a kid growing up in Brisbane). I was very impressed with the ham hock fritters. I need to go back there for breakfast soon.

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4. The Artisan in Narrabundah

The Artisan is solid. I’ve been there twice. The first time was better than the second. The service has been friendly and helpful each time. The food is always well presented and it tastes great. The pork croquette was delightful and the chef’s medium rare Angus steak very good. 

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5. Morks in Kingston

Regular readers will know that Morks is a real favourite. The contemporary Thai cuisine that Mork and his family create and serve is pretty amazing. The move to Kingston from Florey has been good for business, every time we’ve been there it’s been full. Being on the Kingston foreshore also means a really nice setting and a clientele from a very well to do part of Canberra. When you go I highly recommend the pork crackling and chilli jam. On the subject of pork, you should try the pork belly.

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Part 2 of this Top 10 list is now available.

What are your favourite Canberra restaurants? Please tell me in the comments below  

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9 Responses

  1. A couple I favourites of mine are: Waterfront: Onred (went there on your recommendation: and new fav is Black Fire.

    1. We’ve also enjoyed the Waterfront and Onred Lauren. Although the second time at Onred wasn’t as good as the first, Waterfront is consistently good.

  2. I’m hoping to release my list today too. I like the variety in yours. I’ve found that the news paper top twenty is more exclusive to the $$ price range of town

    I’ve been dying to try Onred but never seem to be able to get in

    1. Onred is certainly worth it, especially if the evening sky is clear. The first time we were there was really very very good. So much so I recommended it to a friend for her wedding reception.

      I’m looking forward to your list. It should be good. I love your blog ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I do like the coffee at Cupping Room, and they do a mean muffin as well. Artisan definitely gets a tick from me. For me, I can’t go past Rubicon for dinner and ONA cafe in Fyshwick for brekkie.

    1. Thanks. I’ve not tried the muffins at the Cupping Room. I must try them as well as ONA in Fyshwick. I’ve been to Rubicon once and really enjoyed the dinner service there.

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