Yummy Lummy’s 2014 stats from JetPack

The good people behind JetPack have provided me with the 2014 stats summary for Yummy Lummy. 

If you want to see some stats like my most viewed page please click here.

The big surprises are the popularity of a home cooked meal and a place I wasn’t that positive about.  I’m also surprised that boobs and my love of boobs didn’t rate a mention at all. 

I’d particularly like to thank LorraineBarb and John for being the most prolific commenters on Yummy Lummy in 2014. I love that you take the time to leave me comments and connect with me 

I’d also like to thank Bron for being a major part of Yummy Lummy. We’ve visited a lot of restaurants and if you keep your eyes peeled I will soon have on Yummy Lummy my top 10 Canberra restaurants 

Please feel free to check out the 2014 stats and let me know what you think about the information there.

Can you believe my most viewed page? It continues to surprise me!

Do you have any resolutions for 2015? I do and I’ll share them soon. I hope you have a happy, peaceful and successful 2015. If you’re a blogger I hope you achieve everything you set out to achieve. If you’re a bloke wanting to find simple easy things to fill your belly, I hope I can help you. If you’re a Canberra resident wanting an idea on where and what to eat in Canberra I hope I can help you with some ideas and thoughts. 

One question I have for readers is should I accept product reviews or freebies for writing a post on a restaurant or product in 2015? Would you like to see product reviews?

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