My top 10 Canberra restaurants

Part 2: My top 10 Canberra restaurants

Part 1 listed the first 5 Canberra restaurants in the list of my top 10 Canberra restaurants. To recap, we’ve eaten out a lot in 2014 and I thought I’d end 2014 with a list of my top 10 Canberra restaurants. Well maybe not the top 10 Canberra restaurant but 10 restaurants I really liked. 

I’m not necessarily focussing on fine dining either. I like to think a local suburban cafe can mix it with my top 10 Canberra restaurants. So in no particular order Yummy Lummy’s the remaining top 10 Canberra restaurants are:

6. Malaysian Chapter in Belconnen

Part of the eating out plan this year has been to use Bron’s entertainment book. Malaysian Chapter was a late edition and I’m glad Bron acted on the e-mail notifying her that Malaysian Chapter had been added to the book. I’m a sucker for a rendang and enjoyed the meal enormously. 

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7. Mecca Bah in Griffith

While I don’t normally accept freebies, I was invited by the Mecca Bah‘s Maître d’ to enjoy a meal on him. I’m glad I said yes because I really like meat served on a stick. We’ve dined at the Mecca Bah nearly half a dozen times and each time we’ve really enjoyed the meal. The service is always friendly and the food well cooked. I’d happily recommend the Mecca Bah to anyone visiting and wanting a consistently good meal.

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8. Black fire in Braddon

Do you like well cooked, carved and served whole animals like pigs? If you answered yes, then Black fire is for you. This is also the place where I experienced my first finger limes. The roast pork I inhaled was fantastic that night. I’m still looking for friends to enjoy a whole suckling pig dinner. 

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9. Wild duck in Kingston

I’m not sure if you use Dimmi but I reckon it’s a great way to reserve a table. The one requirement for our dinner at Wild Duck was to eat duck. Wild Duck describes itself as fine Asian cuisine. The menu however is not your typical Chinese restaurant. It’s more of an abstract of traditional dishes cooked beautifully with flavour as a priority.

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10. Olive at Mawson in Mawson

Olive at Mawson is a suburban family run place in the Southlands shopping centre in Mawson. The service here sets it apart from many other places. Friendly and like a family dinner the owners and staff serve the meals with love. The dishes are all generous in proportions but not too large. Unlike some places that specialise in quantity, Olive at Mawson is all quality. I fell in love with the lamb shoulder and of course they also serve olives

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So there you go, my top 10 Canberra restaurants. 

What are your favourite Canberra restaurants? Please tell me in the comments below  


As a bonus here is a YouTube video of some of my Christmas meals. This is my first attempt at a Lightroom slideshow. I hope you enjoy it. I haven’t added music. That will come when I figure out how. If you want more information about these images, check out my Instagram feed.

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