Lonsdale Street Roasters

At this time of year a lot of restaurants in Canberra close for the Christmas New Year (CNY) break. Bron and I thought we’d go to The Cupping Room for breakfast but at 8 am the doors were closed and the chairs stacked on the tables. We went around to Lonsdale Street to look around. Eighty-six and Elk and Pea were closed (we’ll go back later in the year). Lonsdale Street Roasters were open so we walked in. LSR has space in front on the street, inside and out the back. We chose out the back because it was shaded  and because the roasting shed was close by. It looks like the shed had its own lot next to LSR itself. Bron reckons the smell was fantastic. I couldn’t smell it myself. The shaded back was also good because the cool shade provided some relief as the day approached it forecast 34 °C (93.2 °F). 

We ordered food, took a number and found a table. I asked for the muesli and Bron asked for quinoa with avocado and tomato. After we sat down I was told there was no muesli so I asked for smoked salmon, cream cheese and bagel. 

The coffee is good at LSR and the food is too.

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Photograph courtesy of Bron
Photograph courtesy of Bron


Bron said her meal was very good. I’d not tried quinoa before and had a couple of mouthfuls. It was an interesting taste.

The bagels are made in house at LSR and was very good. The salmon was flaky and light. I’d happily eat it again. 

We’ll be back to Lonsdale Street Roasters. I’d recommend it to anyone in need of good coffee and a good meal.

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  1. i havent had quinoa either. everything looks good. i didnt have anything exciting or adventurous over the holidays, which sucked because the restaurants either were closed or were too packed. We had a new restaurant open, and was excited to try it. But since it opened in the beginning of Dec, it had horrible reviews! sad!
    so nothing adventurous for me to try.

    1. That sucks that you’re so remote that there are no decent restaurants. Perhaps that new place needs you to run the front end to get the customers in. Think of the blog inspiration 🙂

    1. Have no fear John, despite appearances I have not gone mad, although the Meatless Monday post from this morning may suggest otherwise. I still have bacon and eggs in my refrigerator and there will be bacon for dinner tonight.

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