Quick cheesy noodles recipe

Happy hump day! I wasn’t sure what I was going to cook but I knew I had to finish off the leftover roast beef and potato from the weekend. As I was driving home and listening to Trevor Long’s Your Tech Life podcast and it came to me. Cheesy noodles. I haven’t made cheesy noodles for ages.

Cheesy noodles with beef and potato
Cheesy noodles with beef and potato
Quick cheesy noodles recipe
Recipe Type: Dinner
Cuisine: Australian
Author: Gary Lum
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 1
Meal for one
  • Leftover roast beef and potato
  • Maggi® 2 minute noodles
  • Parsley
  • Red chili
  • Pouring cream
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Butter
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Tasty Coon cheese
  1. Finely dice about 100 g of leftover roast beef
  2. Finely dice a leftover roast potato
  3. Pour two cups of boiling water over the raw noodles and after 2 minutes add the meat and potato and mix slowly
  4. Grate about 100 g of tasty Coon cheese and add to the mixture
  5. Melt some butter in some grapeseed oil in a hot frying pan
  6. Add the noodles, meat, potato and cheese to the drying pan and allow to get a little sticky
  7. Add a splash of Worcestershire sauce and pouring cream
  8. Add the parsley
  9. Cook until it’s the way you like it. I like it to get a little sticky so it has some crunch
  10. Plate up and garnish with red chili pepper
  11. Shoot a photograph
  12. Inhale the meal while watching MKR because I was so hungry and it tasted so good
  13. Wash the dishes
  14. Write recipe
  15. Blog (verb)


Grated tasty Coon cheese
Grated tasty Coon cheese
Finely diced leftover roast beef and potato
Finely diced leftover roast beef and potato
Maggi® 2 minute noodles
Maggi® 2 minute noodles
Cheesy noodles with beef and potato
Cheesy noodles with beef and potato
Cheesy noodles with beef and potato
Cheesy noodles with beef and potato

Do you like cheesy noodles? What do you add to your cheesy noodles?

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8 Responses

    1. I’m sure yours tastes great though LMG 😀 I haven’t done mac and cheese for years. Maybe soon as winter comes quickly here 🙂

  1. Perfect. I am struggling to think of a better combo. However to my cheesy noodles I might try some pork fillet. Cheesy pork. Its got me thinking.

  2. I’ve never had noodles and potatoes in the same dish. I’ll try it.

    In other order of ideas, there’s a supermarket in town that has a reputation of selling every product of the world you can think of. BUT I finally found something they don’t sell!! There are many Maggi products on their racks (soups and spices) BUT we don’t have those noodles. I’m finally going to fill the “what were you looking for” suggestion book asking for Maggi noodles! ha ha ha 😀

    1. haha, I think you’re right. It’s a rare woman who would appreciate the gastronomical marvel that leftover meat and potatoes combined with cheesy noodles is. Given the noodles ended up a little crunchy, it’s my modern man take on chow mein, this version was beef chow mein 😀

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