Seal in Hawaii


No I didn’t eat seal! I saw Seal in Hawaii though.


This morning we were snorkeling when a seal swam through the cove and flolloped up onto the beach. 

It didn’t move much and seemed to fall asleep.

So I know the question burning inside you is what did I have for breakfast this morning?

It was a jalapeño spam omelet made with Monterey jack and colby cheese with salad greens and asparagus plus avocado.

2015.04.22_08.44.20_001_GARY_LUM_FB 2015.04.22_21.27.14_001_GARY_LUM_FB

This is the spam T-shirt I bought near Matsumoto’s shave ice store.

So as I mentioned after breakfast, we went snorkeling. It was so clear this morning. So calm too.

2015.04.22_10.12.56_001_GARY_LUM_FB 2015.04.22_10.13.07_001_GARY_LUM_FB 2015.04.22_10.14.06_001_GARY_LUM_FB 2015.04.22_10.15.30_001_GARY_LUM_FB

This was a very cute red crab

2015.04.22_10.17.43_001_GARY_LUM_FB 2015.04.22_10.20.02_001_GARY_LUM_FB 2015.04.22_10.20.12_001_GARY_LUM_FB 2015.04.22_10.21.10_001_GARY_LUM_FB 2015.04.22_10.21.31_001_GARY_LUM_FB 2015.04.22_10.23.13_001_GARY_LUM_FB 2015.04.22_10.27.42_001_GARY_LUM_FB 2015.04.22_10.28.19_001_GARY_LUM_FB 2015.04.22_10.36.14_001_GARY_LUM_FB

We went for a drive down the east coast to have a look at Pali lookout and then to Kailua Beach for lunch. More of that later. 

On the way we stopped at Kahaluu to see what is described as the Chinese worker’s hat. I think it looks like a big hard erect nipple. You be the judge.



Pali Lookout was quite good but we were over run with busloads of tourists.

The views are really very nice.



After Pali lookout we drove down to Kailua Beach. We couldn’t find that many places to eat and ended up at the L&L Hawaiian Barbecue shop. It was like visiting a mortuary. I thought I was in the land of the undead. We decided to take our food to the nearby park and eat there.

I chose a saimin burger and a plain spam musubi. Both were good. I’m going to have to try to make these when I get home.

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2015.04.22_14.25.38_001_GARY_LUM_FB 2015.04.22_14.25.54_002_GARY_LUM_FB 



The beach there was beautiful. The water was so blue and clear.



After the beach we stopped at Island Snow and I had a pineapple, coconut and lime snow cone topped with condensed milk. The condensed milk topping really adds a different dimension to the cordial flavoured shaved ice. It’s not just the sweetness and creaminess, it’s the caramel. 


For dinner we went to Opal Thai Food (66-197 C Kamehameha Highway Haleiwa, HI 96712). The chef and owner makes a point of greeting each patron and asking what they know about Thai cuisine and then he chooses dishes for them. This meal was spectacular. We started with a radish apetiser and then two mains. One was a duck dish and the other a prawn noodle dish. I could eat them forever.

2015.04.22_20.05.29_004_GARY_LUM_FB 2015.04.22_20.14.03_005_GARY_LUM_FB

This was a crisp crunchy radish dish. 2015.04.22_20.33.26_007_GARY_LUM_FB

Garlic prawn noodles


Roast duck with fried basil leaves and lots of garlic.

Sorry those images of the Thai food are blurry. I was trying to shoot the photographs quickly. 

Tonight was our last night on the north shore. It’s been fantastic. 

Did you see Seal in Hawaii?

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