Blueberry whipped cream Queensland nut waffle

My last breakfast in Hawaii was a Blueberry whipped cream Queensland nut waffle at Eggs ‘n Things in Waikiki.

Blueberry whipped cream and Queensland nut waffle
Blueberry whipped cream and Queensland nut waffle

This was a very good waffle. The cream while it looked bulky was basically full of air and very light and fluffy. I’m assuming no calories. I also poured maple syrup and coconut syrup all over the waffle. 



There are so many tourists and very few locals here. 

The Royal Hawaiian from the Aqua Waikiki Wave
The Royal Hawaiian from the Aqua Waikiki Wave

After breakfast the bags got packed and Honolulu International Airport (HNL) was reached. 

The flight back to Australia was QF4 HNL to SYD. I was treated really well on the flight. The attendants ensured I had the menu selections I wanted and it was about the best international flight I’ve ever flown.

Prior to departing I bought a copy of Muriel Miura’s Spam cookbook. Not only does it contain amazing recipes but also some great facts about spam. 

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Lunch was a grilled salmon salad. Delicious 😀 




Chocolate mousse. Yummy 🙂 




This melon flavoured ice bar was really good. 


Dinner was dolphin fish (not the sea mammal). My first time. It was wonderful. 


Panna cotta was good.


Breakfast before the bus ride back to Canberra was yoghurt and muesli. 

I’m still craving a Queensland nut waffle.


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