How to make quinoa exciting!

Quinoa cooked and ready for the refrigerator
Quinoa cooked and ready for the refrigerator

Please forgive me I wanted a catchy title. I know full well the majority of earthlings do not share my love for tinned corned beef or SPAM®. In fact some people have made quite gross comments. I don’t care, I like tinned meat products.

Tonight I wanted something to make my quinoa exciting. I had some leftover quinoa from last night’s delicious roasted chicken Maryland (you know, cooked in the cooking juices of the chicken) that I had mixed with arborio rice.

Tonight’s meal is simply curried tinned corned beef bulked up with quinoa and rice and served on a bed of coleslaw. I also added some cheese and green peppercorns for some extra zing.

Corned beef with juices
Corned beef with juices

Probably the only decent thing to come out of New Zealand is this corned beef  (apart from cousins and close friends who happened by chance to be born there…)

Quinoa and rice with corned beef on coleslaw
Quinoa and rice with corned beef on coleslaw
How to make quinoa exciting!
Recipe Type: Dinner
Cuisine: Australian
Author: Gary Lum
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 1
  • Leftover quinoa and rice
  • Tinned corned beef
  • Tin of green peppercorns
  • Cream
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Curry powder
  • Coleslaw
  • Red chili for garnish
  1. Fry up the corned beef and add the curry powder
  2. Add some Worcestershire sauce
  3. When the corned beef starts to stick to the frying pan add the quinoa and rice and stir through
  4. Again get the corned beef and the rice sticking to the pan and then add some cream
  5. Add the tin of green peppercorns
  6. Put some coleslaw on a plate
  7. Add the corned beef and add some cheese
  8. Garnish with the red chili
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So how do you make quinoa exciting?

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3 Responses

  1. Oh Gary you’re so cheeky! There’s plenty of great things to come out of NZ though not just corned beef. We used to occasionally get it for dinner (like very occasionally as in once every 4 years or so) but I do recall liking it as a kid. My mother fried it up with onions and eggs.

    1. Yep, with a little curry powder too Lorraine. I love a soft runny yolked fried egg sitting on top.

      I have all these cousins from NZ who love to suggest NZ is superior than Australia in everything. If it wasn’t for NZ, Dad wouldn’t have gone to school and then medical school and then met Mum 😀

      It’ll be so much easier when NZ becomes a state of Australia 😉

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