Eating the same thing every day

This morning I was looking through my Facebook feed and I noticed a status update from fellow blogger Diane Lee. Diane had shared a post from mindbodygreen titled Why I eat the same thing every single day. It got me thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of eating the same thing every day.

I remember at primary school it seemed like for a year I’d have vegemite sandwiches every day and then another year I’d have peanut paste sandwiches every day. Sometimes there may be a little jam with the peanut paste. I was fortunate, I was allowed tuckshop once a fortnight and for little lunch I’d have a jam doughnut (now known as a long john) and for big lunch I’d have a meat pie and a bottle of pepsi. Those were the days when a hot pie cost $0.20 and the bottle of pepsi cost $0.15 and then I’d get $0.05 back if I returned the empty bottle.

Some of my eating now follows similar repetitive patterns, for example, last year I ate salmon every Monday night for the whole year.

Tonight I made a baked salmon dish which was essentially the same as what I cooked for dinner last Monday and Tuesday.

Baked salmon and creamy cabbage with nuts for crunch
Baked salmon and creamy cabbage with nuts for crunch

In winter on most Sundays I’ll slowly roast a joint of some meat and keep some for lunches at work. The photographs are pretty monotonous. A plastic container with leaves, meat and cheese. You can see the pattern at my Facebook page.

Clearly the advantage of eating the same thing is the ease of grocery shopping, cooking and eating. The disadvantages include it being boring and it would make food photography and posting to social media pointless.

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Hopefully, even though my food instagram feed shows lots of similar foods, it’s varied enough not to be too boring.

I think I’ve got a good balance going of some repetition to make life easy and enough variation to make life interesting.

What do you think? Would you eat the same thing every day?

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