What I ate today

I’m developing a head cold. The dreaded #ManFlu At lunch time I didn’t even feel like shooting a photograph of the toasted English muffin with congee sandwich.

For breakfast I had spaghetti on an English muffin. I didn’t realise a small tin of spaghetti has almost no saturated fat. A minute on high in the microwave oven and a few minutes for the muffin in the toaster and voila a quick breakfast.

For dinner I struggled to think of something quick and easy. In the end I pulled a beef burger from the freezer. Sure red meat isn’t exactly #LowFat but I cooked it by putting it into my benchtop oven without any oil and just cooked it at 200 ┬░C for 15 minutes. I toasted some linseed and soy bread and made a beef, lettuce and tomato sandwich for tea. I’m particularly pleased with the photograph of the sandwich.

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So what did you have to eat today?

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