What I ate today

Well the #ManFlu progresses. I ate some things I probably shouldn’t have but I’m sick so that’s my excuse.

Is this “What I ate today” thing going to continue? I don’t know. I haven’t made anything terribly exciting lately. I’m keen to use my slow cooker again this weekend. It’ll probably be congee again. I want to modify my recipe from last week.

So this morning I had some overnight soaked rolled oats. I used skim milk, some cocoa powder and instant coffee. It was pretty good. For lunch I had some tinned salmon and avocado (no photograph). Tonight for tea I went to the Westfield mall in Belconnen and tried Guzman Y Gomez for the first time. Miss14 loves it so I thought I’d try it. I went for the spicy grilled chicken nachos. It was a generous serving. I liked it.

[envira-gallery id=”13595″]

I hope I feel better tomorrow.



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