BIRDS EYE Salmon cakes with vegetables

Happy hump day! I hope you’ve had a good day. Well as I try to explore a minimal saturated fat way of eating I happened upon these salmon cakes with vegetables from BIRDS EYE.

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For my dinner tonight I chose to eat two salmon cakes plus a cob of corn and some avocado.

Check out my effort on Thursday night 

I don’t think anyone should think that a prepackaged fish cake is ever going to taste as good as a homemade fish cake. I cooked my salmon cakes in a small benchtop oven which is not fan forced. The cooking instructions on the packaging suggest a fan forced oven at 220 °C for 24 minutes (with a turn at 12 minutes) will give an optimum result. I cooked mine for 24 minutes (turning at 12 minutes) at 250 °C. The cakes ended up with a crisp shell and soft middle. The salmon and vegetables were well mixed and the only discernable vegetable matter was carrot. The cakes apparently contain capsicum, broccoli, carrot and onion. In addition to salmon there is white fish (whatever that is), flour, oils and thickeners. There is also potato, rice, maise, sugar, salt, xanthan gum, guar gum and emulsifiers. Gee that makes the cakes sound so attractive…NOT!

Fortunately the corn was really nice and the avocado was just ripe. I think adding some sweet chili sauce also helped. I have four cakes left. I’ll definitely eat them, I’m not into wasting money. The packet cost me $8.25. Will I buy more? I might. There’s nothing awful about the salmon cakes. I think I could make something much nicer myself but the real reason for buying something like this is cost and convenience. For anyone living alone, making salmon cakes from scratch would be potentially more expensive in produce and time. Tonight I came home from work and basically had everything cooked in my little benchtop oven and within an hour I had food in my belly.

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Humpday dinner. Salmon cakes with corn and avocado.
Humpday dinner. Salmon cakes with corn and avocado.


BIRDS EYE Salmon Cakes nutrition information
BIRDS EYE Salmon Cakes nutrition information | Image Source


So would you buy these salmon cakes?

Salmon cakes with sweet corn, rice and quinoa on Thursday 23 July 2015

Rice and quinoa
Rice and quinoa
Thursday dinner. Salmon cakes with corn and rice with quinoa.
Thursday dinner. Salmon cakes with corn and rice with quinoa.

For a gallery of the Thursday dinner click on my Google Photos link and for full size versions click on each photograph.

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