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Elias (CBRfoodie) and Fran (TheFoodMarshall) as Elias opens the morning
Elias (CBRfoodie) and Fran (TheFoodMarshall) as Elias opens the morning

Even before we knew how successful Eat Drink Blog 6 (2015) would be, Elias Hallaj (CBR Foodie) had spoken with Owen Saddler (owner of Dream Cuisine in Fyshwick) at the Hamlet on the Friday night of the conference and suggested a Canberra Food Blogger get together.

Elias did a stirling job of getting a group of 20 Canberra Food Bloggers together at 8.30 on a Saturday morning. A Saturday morning in November which was only 12.4 °C on a typical late spring morning in Canberra 

Owen gave us a run down on his take on pastry and running a successful patisserie. It was pretty obvious how this engineer cum artisan master of layering buttery layers of pastry loves his job. Passionate doesn’t describe his approach to his craft adequately. Owen explained how he is not a cook nor a chef but more of an experimenter. He also encourages his cooks/chefs to experiment allowing them to make mistakes because, who knows? it could just be the next big thing!

Owen Sadller explaining that he buys and uses 60 kg of Myrtleford Butter Factory butter every week.
Owen Saddler explaining that he buys and uses 60 kg of Myrtleford Butter Factory butter every week.

Owen also shared his love of chocolate and his distaste for the practice of using cheap chocolate in croissants and other layered pastry. Only the best will do.

While we were listening to Owen we were treated to a few varieties of his layered pastries. Each one was delicious. Each one was light. Each one had that buttery creamy yet crisp texture. One thing Owen didn’t say too much about was the custard his makes. The custard in some of the pastries was fantastic.

A share plate of delicious pastries
A share plate of delicious pastries
Dream Cuisine Fyshwick Canberra
Lisa (BakeBikeBlog)

The best part of these blogger get togethers is catching up with friends and meeting people who I only know through social media. I got to meet a whole new group of friends in real life for the first time. It was good to meet Bianca who helped me cut up our sharing plate so we could enjoy a little of each pastry. I also got to meet Lisa (BakeBikeBlog) and Kristy (Tales of a Confectionist) who I’ve known for ages but have never met.

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Dream Cuisine Fyshwick Canberra
My first breakfast plate (yes there was a second breakfast plate too)

After we enjoyed some pastries we did a tour of the preparation and kitchen areas. Owen showed us his equipment, much of it is well loved and one piece came from East Germany (which time marks the age of some of the equipment).

We got to see the cold room and drooled over the trays of croissants. Owen also pointed out a large container of Queensland nut (Macadamia sp.) oil which he uses for cronuts.

In the kitchen area I was crestfallen when Owen said he finds Vanilla Slice labour intensive and they are only made when Dream Cuisine is fully staffed. My mood brightened when he said there may be some available next week and they’d be presented with a little twist 

Dream Cuisine Fyshwick Canberra
Owen with 2.5 kg of Myrtleford Butter Factory butter in his preparation area
Dream Cuisine Fyshwick Canberra
A tray of happiness in the kitchen area
We started with a lovely coffee
We started with a lovely coffee

As we left we were given a gift of goodies. Two layered pastries and two macarons. I also bought two sausage rolls.

Sausage rolls from Dream Cuisine. My lunch.
Sausage rolls from Dream Cuisine. My lunch.
Sweet treats from Dream Cuisine including layered pastry and macarons. My afternoon tea.
Sweet treats from Dream Cuisine including layered pastry and macarons. My afternoon tea.

After all that buttery goodness, I needed to walk around Lake Ginninderra. It was good to see a Pelican on the water.

Lake Ginninderra
A bird nest on Lake Ginninderra
Lake Ginninderra
A black and white Lake Ginninderra seems to be a little more dramatic
Lake Ginninderra Pelican
Lake Ginninderra Pelican

I would highly recommend a visit to Dream Cuisine at Fyshwick and its other outlets.

Dream Cuisine Patisserie and Café 9/18 Whyalla Street, Fyshwick. Open Monday to Friday 7 am to 3 pm and Saturday 9 am to 2 pm.

Capital Region Farmers Market Saturday 8 to 11 am

Old Bus Depot Markets Sunday 10 am to 4 pm

Little Dream at The Hamlet, Bradden





Again thank you Elias and Owen for making today happen.

Do you like pastry? I suppose that may be a stupid question 

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  1. What a lovely day out! And so nice to see what Fran and Elias look like. I’ve also met the lovely Lisa too.

    Owen is a friend of a relative and he was kind enough to give us a box of macarons years ago. Good to know that they are doing well! ? 😀

    1. It was a tremendous day Lorraine. Owen is so generous. His macarons are very good.
      I’m loving the blogging get togethers so I can meet people in person.

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