When a blogger dies

A photograph of a bottle of Spike

I woke up this morning and started my routine as usual. I took off my CPAP mask and grabbed my iPhone and checked e-mail through my presbyopic blur. I noticed in the long list of e-mail senders and subject lines that there was an e-mail notification for a new blog post from “Life in the Foothills” which is Barb. I hadn’t seen Barb post for some months. I wasn’t expecting to read about when a blogger dies.

There had been a recent one updating readers on her health situation. Some time ago Barb had shared that she had been diagnosed with a hæmatological malignancy but it was not an aggressive variety and her oncologist had suggested a reasonable prognosis.

After a short period of treatment it became apparent the treatment wasn’t going to be straightforward and some complications had occurred. Barb’s recent post in September gave an indication that while she was trying to maintain a positive outlook the situation had taken a turn. Up until then Barb had tried to remain regular with “Monday’s finish the story” posts and photography posts.

So this morning at 4.30 when I saw there was a blog post I was happy. In my mind I was hoping it was a positive post with an update. After I’d eaten breakfast and had a cup of coffee in my hand and glasses on I set down to go through my overnight e-mails. When I got to the “Life in the Foothills” e-mail notification my heart sank. The subject line read, “My Life in The Foothills h Passed Away”. Paul, Barb’s husband had written the final post on Barb’s blog letting her readers know Barb had passed on the weekend.

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Paul has asked no one comment on the post. He won’t be reading comments.

I have been sad all day. Barb was one of the first bloggers I met when I started. She was a regular visitor to my old blog and would comment often. Barb would send funny e-mails to her friends and I always felt special being included in that group. I had formed a friendship and bond with Barb. She had a very interesting life. A marvellous history. She was an excellent photographer and by all accounts a wonderful cook.

We shared an interest in food and cooking. Barb was so generous she sent me a bottle of Spike to try on my chicken. I still have some. I may roast a chicken soon and dedicate that meal to Barb.

If you’ve been blogging for a while you will know of bloggers who suddenly stop and then find out they have died. I knew deep down Barb was not going to live long but that didn’t diminish the sadness. It’s awful when a blogger dies.

Life is short. Make the most of it. Share your feelings and love with your family and friends.

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