Baked fried pan grilled jerk chicken wings in buffalo barbecue sauce

Mmm…chicken wings in America are really good.

Photograph of Chicken Wings baked fried and chargrilled jerk seasoned wings tossed in buffalo barbecue sauce

I’m in Washington, D.C. for work at the moment. I was recently chatting with an American friend on Twitter about barbecue food and she mentioned chicken wings. I love chicken wings. As much as I am a ‘thigh man’, chicken wings are fantastic. The meat is always tender and sweet and it’s relatively easy to get the skin to be nice and crispy.

I thought I would take the opportunity while I am in the USA to try some barbecue chicken wings.

I ordered some from the room service menu. They arrived hot and smelled really good.

Unfortunately, the room lighting was poor. I had all the incandescent lamps on and in a dark room the yellow cast was very pronounced.

The wings were good. The skin was crispy, salty and sweet with a little tang. The meat was moist, tender and soft enough to be sucked off the bone. The serving size was also generous. I forgot to add the blue cheese sauce into the photograph. My friend asked if I had some. Indeed I did.

I’d happily eat these again.

I also ate a nice ribeye steak with the bone in last night.

Ribeye steak I’m developing a real liking for Mac and cheese with my main meals 

I went to another place with colleagues and enjoyed a nice pork chop with Brussels sprouts cooked with bacon and a side of Mac and cheese. That was really nice.

I spent a little time at the Capitol building and got to sit in and watch a couple of senators make speeches on national security.

Abraham Lincoln looks sad
Abraham Lincoln looks sad
Geographical centre of Washington, D.C.
Geographical centre of Washington, D.C.

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