Coles Pulled Pork Roll

Coles Pulled Pork Roll

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So last month I wrote about Coles Pulled Pork and then earlier this week I was watching Greg’s Kitchen on YouTube and he was reviewing the KFC Pulled Pork Roll.

Greg hated it. I thought I’d make my own pulled pork roll using some Coles pulled pork. What could be easier? I also bought a soft bread roll, some caramelised onion and coleslaw to go on my roll.

Pulled pork from Coles
Pulled pork from Coles

The roll was pretty easy to make. I toasted the bread roll and then layered on the coleslaw, pork and caramelised onion.

The whole thing was delicious. The roll wasn’t sweet like the KFC one and pork was tasty and tender. I liked the caramelised onion too.

Caramelised onion

Pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw and caramelised onion
Pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw and caramelised onion

It was pretty delicious.

Lake Ginninderra

In other news the weather cleared after a week of rain and cloud so I walked around Lake Ginninderra.

These photographs have been edited with the help of the Google Nik Collection.

Lake Ginninderra Lake Ginninderra

If you like pulled pork I suggest not buying a fast food version. Even buying ready made pulled pork is better than that.


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