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State of Origin

2016 has been a good year for State of Origin. The Queensland XXXX Maroons (pronounced ma-rones) had already wrapped up the series by winning the first two games. I missed both games because of other commitments. I was keen to watch the third game in the comfort of my apartment with food I had prepared.

The food

Now when I say food I had prepared I really mean heating up food I had purchased which was ready to cook.

Being a Queenslander I was keen on some simple treats that I grew up with. I went with cheerios and macaroni cheese.

Cheerios with macaroni cheese #footyfood #origin #qlder
Cheerios with macaroni cheese #footyfood #origin #qlder

The food itself was pretty yummy. I was satisfied.

The game

The game however was another story altogether. In what is normal for #Origin it was a nail biter right to the end.

There had been a lot of pregame niggle mainly from the Victoria Bitter New South Wales Blues (pronounced cock-roaches) captain, the self confessed performance enhancing drug using Paul Gallen. Gallen had labelled all Queenslanders as poor winners. Sadly at the end of the match it looked like Paul Gallen was a poor winner himself.

So for readers who aren’t familiar with Rugby League and State of Origin if you type “Yummy Lummy State of Origin” into Google you’ll come across many posts that describe my love of Rugby League (the greatest code of football played in Australia), my love of State of Origin as a competition between the greatest states in Australia (note the Northern Territory of Australia is not a state so the fact I love it more than NSW and about the same as Queensland [at least the Top End of the NT] should not suggest I have lost my passion for the NT), and how strongly I feel about being a Queenslander. State of Origin is simply the greatest sporting rivalry and competition bar none.

Last night the game had so many highlights. The lead changed throughout, Queensland demonstrated outstanding defence in the face of very strong attack, both sides lost players to the sin bin for infractions, there was simmering tension with the odd punch thrown and in the end in the final minutes NSW took the lead and Paul Gallen the NSW skipper converted the try in a fitting finish for a retiring stalwart of the game. As much as he is a player Queenslanders love to hate, he’s a tough bloke and a strong player. He’s also been an inspiring captain for NSW. Paul Gallen has an outstanding record for NSW. He’s captained the side for 11 straight years for 10 series’ losses. His loss:win ratio is better than any captain in the history of State of Origin.

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So if you watched the game, what did you eat? What did you think of the game? Did you enjoy the refereeing?

For a bit of fun

What sort of coward is James Maloney running away and hiding behind his mates after shoving Corey Parker?

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