Coles leftover pulled pork nachos

So tonight’s Coles leftover pulled pork nachos is inspired by a friend on Twitter. Hilah Johnson is a blogger from Texas (although she now lives in California with Sharpe and Flint). Hilah is best known for her YouTube channel “Hilah Cooking”. She has a spin off series called “put it in my mouth” which shows Hilah receiving snacks from fans from around the world and she reviews the food. Hilah also sells eBooks and I think her best ones are her taco books.
So this morning Hilah is tweeting about making nachos and that got me to thinking about how to use up some of my leftover pulled pork. I’ve had pulled pork with cheese between toasted raisin toast three times this week and as much as I like it I need to try something else. The comments on Instagram have been interesting. I reckon pork loves fruity sweetness (like apple sauce) and so the raisin toast is a perfect carrier for a pulled pork sandwich.