The most fart worthy pea and ham soup ever

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Last week I watched a video by Greg’s Kitchen on pea and ham soup and for some reason he’s taken it down. [He’s now posted it again Tuesday 2016-07-19]

It inspired me to make pea and ham soup in my slow cooker today. I haven’t had a good pea and ham soup for ages. I know that whenever I have pea and ham soup I fart like a demon all night long. I reckon tonight if someone lights a match in Belconnen we’re all doomed. At least it will keep me warm.


  • Ham hock—You can buy one from the delicatessen section of Coles or any other supermarket
  • Carrot—I used a big one. If you want your soup green use a potato instead. If you use a carrot the colour is quite faeculent. The carrot (or potato) needs to be finely diced.
  • Onion—I used a big brown one. It should be finely diced.
  • Celery—I used two sticks. It should be finely diced.
  • Stock—I used two litres of chicken stock.
  • Leftover pulled pork—You don’t have to use this but I still had some left over from last week.
  • Split peas—I used a 500 gram packet. The spilt peas should be washed first.

What to do with the ingredients

  1. In the slow cooker vessel add the diced carrot, onion, celery and split peas.
  2. Add the leftover pulled pork.
  3. Add the two litres of chicken stock.
  4. Stir everything through thoroughly.
  5. Add the ham hock.
  6. Cook for six hours.
  7. After six hours remove the ham hock and dissect away the skin and separate the muscle from the bone. Pull apart the muscle and put in a bowl. Discard the skin and bones.
  8. With a stick blender smooth the remaining soup.
  9. Add the ham to the bottom of a bowl and add the soup.
  10. Aliquot the soup and ham into containers for refrigeration for lunches.
  11. Shoot a photograph.
  12. Drink the soup and enjoy the salty goodness of the ham.
  13. Write the recipe
  14. Blog (verb).
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What does it taste like?

Slow cooker pea and ham soup
Slow cooker pea and ham soup

The soup looks more yellow/orange than green like peas. But it tastes really good. It’s thick salty and filling. The ham is soft and tender and fatty full with flavour.

Final words

This is a nice soup and worth waiting six hours to cook.

It will keep me in lunch for three days at work.

I’d happily recommend it.

If you try it let me know what you think.


Thanks for visiting. Please check out the rest of Yummy Lummy. I’d love it if you shared this site with your friends.


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8 Responses

  1. LOL

    What a ‘charming’ introduction to your soup. I can’t say I’ve ever had this experience with split peas though bean dishes are known to produce flatulence in many people. (Have you seen the baked beans around the campfire scene in the movie Blazing Saddles?) I’ve made this soup with both yellow and green split peas with the resulting colour coming from the type used. It’s a delicious soup.

    1. I love that scene. Baked beans are great source of ‘fun’. Well it’s the morning after a very large bowl of soup and let’s just say it’s a good thing I live/sleep alone 😃

    1. Well Lorraine. I cannot lie. It’s a good thing I live alone and no one lit any matches in north Canberra last night lol

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