How do you do a TimTam Slam?

Doing a TimTam Slam

On Friday while at work someone brought in some mango TimTams. I tried one, it wasn’t bad. I also learnt that you can buy pineapple TimTams.

Those who know me, know that my preference is for ‘classic’ or ‘Double Coat” TimTams.

I shot a photograph and shared it. On Instagram, a friend mentioned how much she liked white TimTams and how good they are for slamming. It was sort of a dare! Click on the embedded Instagram images and you can read the comments.

Who knew mango TimTams were a thing?

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So when I went grocery shopping yesterday I bought a packet of white TimTams and last night I recorded a ‘how to’ video on how to do a TimTam Slam.

I’m thinking white TimTam slam @nadia.anderson

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What are the important factors in a TimTam Slam?

The TimTam

I like eating ‘classic’ TimTams on their own. For slamming though, I really like the ‘Double Coat’.

For this post however, as mentioned above, I went with white TimTams.

The season

I think TimTam Slamming is best done in the winter, preferably outside in the cold with friends. That said, I’d do it anytime.

The drink

My preferred drink is a nice hot coffee or a hot chocolate

If you’re reading this and you’re not from Australia, I believe TimTams can now be purchased in many overseas countries. I expect it’s to keep expatriate Australians happy along with a little vegemite.

White TimTams with coffee Gary Lum TimTam Slam
White TimTams with coffee

So how was the white TimTam Slam?

It was pretty good. I do like white ‘chocolate’. That said, I still think the ‘double coat’ TimTams are the best for slamming.

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Final words

If you’ve never done a TimTam Slam before, give it a go and let me know. Make a video of yourself. That would be very cool.

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17 Responses

    1. You shouldn’t feel unAustralian Lorraine. I make up for it for you 😃 I’m not sure I could do cheese TimTams though 😱

  1. I watched the video and you did a very delicate job of slamming the Tim Tam, Gary 😀 I always thought you bit of the whole of the end as opposed to just a corner, but I suppose whatever works best. Hope you managed to suck up the coffee well with the biscuit. I’ve actually never tried slamming a Tim Tam… :O

  2. I’m w/ @NQN – I really don’t love them. They are OK, but if they were wiped off the face of the earth tomorrow I wouldn’t be upset. Vegemite, on the other hand…

    1. That’s fantastic. It’s a pity it’s not the old days when you got a lot more biscuits in a packet and they were bigger.

  3. Oh Gary – TIM TAM’s OMG I so remember having those when I lived in Aus…. Sooooooo miss those, in England we have something called Penguin but they are not a patch on Tim Tam’s…. missing Aus again now !!!. Will try this recipe. 🙂

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