Grease Monkey Double Deluxe burger

Introduction to Grease Monkey

On Wednesday evening I went out to dinner with a mate from Darwin. I’ve known Drapes for a long time. He worked out of Katherine, Nhulunbuy, Tennant Creek and Alice Springs while I was the Supervising Pathologist for the Northern Territory of Australia. He was down in Canberra for a meeting.

We’d arranged to catch up and thought a burger meal would be the way to go. I did a little on-line searching and thought it would be worth trying out Grease Monkey in Braddon.

Grease Monkey

The restaurant is at 19 Lonsdale Street in Braddon and it opens from 11 am to 10 pm.


They have chairs, stools and tables inside and outside. Drapes and I sat on moulded stools at the front window looking out onto the sidewalk. It was good for watching people walk by. Mostly young Canberrans, the blokes with beards and women in summer wear.

The menu can be downloaded from the website and I’ve made the current one available here.

What did I eat?

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you’ll see over the last couple of days I’ve been trying to be mindful of portion size. So I limited myself. I didn’t get fried chicken, mac and cheese, jalapeño poppers or hot wings. I had just one burger and that was the Double Deluxe.

Photograph courtesy of Anthony Draper
Photograph courtesy of Anthony Draper

The Double Deluxe

This burger consists of double beef, double cheese, bacon, grease monkey sauce, grease monkey relish, onion and pickles. The bread roll was pretty good. It wasn’t sweet and it wasn’t too much. It was just right. The burger itself was nice, I’d happily do it again. The burger is also served with chips. The chips were cooked really well and nicely salted but they come with extra seasoning. So now I’m going to sound like a food wanker but I reckon on their own the chips would be awesome, but coupled with a nice burger, they’re too much. There is too much competing flavour.

Sorry about the backlighting on this photograph
Sorry about the backlighting on this photograph

What else?

Check out the comment from Kate on Instagram. You need to click on the image and it will open the page in Instagram and you can scroll down to see Kate’s comment. Kate is a friend who avoids animal flesh, so I’m guessing the mushroom burger is really good. 

Next time I’ll try the mushroom burger.

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Final words

For $20 the Double Deluxe is not cheap. Is it worth $20? Not really. You can make a similar burger for less. What about the experience? It’s a good experience and I reckon Canberrans should check out Grease Monkey and have a burger or two. I’ll go back but it’s not a place I’d go to regularly.


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8 Responses

  1. From the photo, the burger and fries does not look like a big meal. But I’m guessing it is only when you are tucking in when you do realise how hearty it is.

    Usually with eating-out burger meals like these, I order only one or the other – either the burger or the fries. If I order a meal, by the time I finish the burger I’d feel like I could only a couple of fries 😀

    $20. I would certainly think twice about eating this meal.

    1. The burger and chips came as a set. I probably should have left most of the chips but then I would hear my grandmother’s voice and my mother’s voice in my head telling me about starving children in Africa. It wasn’t a huge meal but it was filling. It was certainly not $20 worth of food. I expect the rent on the place is huge given it’s prime restaurant real estate for Canberra.

    2. From your photo, looks like the meal came with a light, refreshing juice. If it came with a milkshake, I think it would be a huge challenge to finish everything 😀 Sometimes for me, a milkshake can be a meal in itself 😀

    3. It was a small ginger beer. Ginger beer is my favourite soft drink. I should have gone with water. The ginger beer cost $5!

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