What would you prefer on a sandwich? Butter or dip?

Butter or dip? It’s not a meaning of life question, but what would you prefer on a sandwich?  

Butter I hear you scream. Well I went with dip!


For lunch today I made a sandwich with a piece of chicken schnitzel. Normally I’d add butter to the bread but today instead of butter I went with dip. So butter or dip? I went with dip. 

Couldn’t you use butter and dip?

I support I could have gone with both but really that is not necessary. As my girth increases, I really need to stop doubling up on things. 

What went into the sandwich?

I bought a fresh bread roll from Coles as well as one of those heart shaped pieces of chicken schnitzel (I described this a few posts ago). I also had a premade spring onion dip as well as some grated Coon cheese. The leafy green vegetable you can see in the photographs is kale. Yeah I know, it’s trendy and hipster. If you know me well, you know I’m neither trendy nor hipster. I like the taste of kale. See what I don’t like about kale by watching the video

How did it taste?

It was a pretty good sandwich. Please try making one yourself and letting me know what you think. 

Chicken schnitzel and kale sandwich with spring onion dip for butter Gary Lum
Chicken schnitzel and kale sandwich with spring onion dip for butter

A new venture

I’ve started a podcast. It’s called Medical Fun Facts. You can check it out at my other medicine related blog

The Yummy Lummy YouTube channel

If you like watching YouTube food videos, please check out my YouTube channel. The videos are all fairly brief and while there isn’t a lot of talk about butter, I do have some yummy food on the channel. I also try to inject a little humour. Let me know what you think and how I can improve it.

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