Oriental ramen noodle chicken casserole

Really? An oriental ramen noodle chicken casserole! 

What on earth is an oriental ramen noodle chicken casserole?

This morning I was watching a YouTube video of one of my favourite on-line cooks, Hilah Johnson of Hilah Cooking. Hilah was making a chicken enchilada casserole and it inspired me to make a chicken casserole for dinner. 

Check out the YouTube video.




Asparagus, Baby spinach, Celery, Jalapeño and Cheddar seasoning mix, Chicken, Coon cheese, Green chillies, Leek, Noodles, Red chillies, Sour cream, Spinach leaves, Sugar snap peas


Watch the video to see how I just bung things in together.  

There’s nothing special about how you do this. I’m using a frying pan because it is a good size and it’s oven safe.

The cooking time was a bit of a guess, it could have just as easily been 30 minutes I think.

Why do I like Hilah?

I’ve been following Hilah on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram for years. She’s just very cool. I like the videos she produces and her style. If you like Texans, you’ll love Hilah. Like another favourite Texan, viz., Jules from Jules Strawberry, Hilah now lives in California.  

Hilah also produces a video series aptly named, “Put it in my mouth” in which she wears an ‘I ❤️ snacks’ T-shirt and eats things that people from all over the world send her to try.

So how did my chicken casserole turn out?

It was good, albeit a little salty. The quantity of Jalapeño and Cheddar burger mix was probably too much. Otherwise, I really enjoyed it. I’ve saved half for dinner tomorrow night.

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Ramen noodles chicken casserole Gary Lum
Ramen noodles chicken casserole

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