Augmenting duck fat with pyramid power

Do you remember when pyramid power was all the rage?

You’d go to The Ekka in Brisbane or any of the other shows, fairs, and fetes; and someone would be trying to flog the enormous health and financial benefits of pyramid power by sitting in a pyramid or storing your valuables in a pyramid. Apparently, pyramid power can sharpen your razors too. Somehow, the wealth and the alleged immortality of the pharaohs would rub off on you if you used pyramids in your life. What a load of rubbish. The pharaohs died and their wealth wasted. They should have shared the wealth amongst their people to enrich their society.


It all fits in with the general quackery we see today and the charlatans who are trying to rip people off with unproven and unscientific treatments. What’s worse is when con artists trick you out of your money by applying a veneer of science to their deception. I see it regularly and it makes my blood boil. The amount of money these people demand to treat you is ridiculous. I came across one today which offers a payment plan linked to a credit company so your payment totalling thousands of dollars can be made weekly or monthly. I wonder what the interest rate is.

Power pyramid of chicken drumsticks with duck fat potato Gary Lum pyramid power
Power pyramid of chicken drumsticks with duck fat potato

Entrepreneurial spirit

That said, with an entrepreneurial spirit I wonder if I could make money that way?

Just imagine, I could sell a three-sided pyramid made from chicken drumsticks as a super pyramid that meant anything cooked within would taste better and be better for you. It would be the ultimate in wellness and healthfulness. Turkey drumsticks would be better and goose drumsticks better again. After all, bigger is better. For a family feast, can you imagine using three drumsticks from emus and cassowaries? My version of a turducken would be cooking something under the concentric three sides of a pyramid made with turkey, duck and chicken drumsticks. Nine legs have to be better than three right! And three squared is nine and we all know that squaring something adds power.

Orgasmic, multiorgasmic even

I give you my life giving, life saving, life maintaining, life-sustaining duck fat roast potatoes made with pyramid power. A three-sided chicken drumstick pyramid to be precise. Eating these spuds laden in saturated duck fat will give you a longer better healthful life and better sex with amazing orgasms. Hang on, I should add the word organic because that’s what the confidence trick is all about. When people add organic to the name of a food they must really mean it will be orgasmic because really, organic means it contains carbon, as in organic chemistry. Think of that, you can have orgasmic chemistry!!! That would have been much more interesting to study at high school and university. You could write romance novels about couples with orgasmic chemistry!

Power pyramid of chicken drumsticks with duck fat potato Gary Lum pyramid power
Power pyramid of chicken drumsticks with duck fat potato

Carbon is good

It’s remarkable that people mistakenly believe carbon is bad when it’s the basis for life on earth as we know it. When did some moron determine that carbon dioxide (CO2) could be shortened to simply carbon? Even worse is the shortening of “carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and perfluorocarbons” to just carbon. It’s idiotic. What are people being taught in school these days?

So to cure erectile dysfunction and to help achieve longer multiple orgasms, I recommend “organic pyramid power spuds, roasted in duck fat and cooked under three chicken drumsticks shaped into a three-sided super pyramid”.

Pyramid power check list

☑ Better health

☑ Longer life

☑ Better cardiovascular fitness

☑ Better memory

☑ Better endurance and stamina

☑ Higher intelligence

☑ Greater attractiveness to those of your sexual orientation

☑ Better sex including better orgasms

So, anyway, whatevs. Here’s my dinner. Three chicken drumsticks, a spud roasted in duck fat, and some avocado with chillies and spring onion in it.

Power pyramid of chicken drumsticks with duck fat potato and pickled chilli avocado Gary Lum pyramid power
Power pyramid of chicken drumsticks with duck fat potato and pickled chilli avocado

Sorry, I should have wrapped this entire blog post with facetiousness tags <facetious> </facetious> And please note the disclaimer on this blog about medical advice. I do not have a doctor-patient relationship with you. My cynicism, scepticism and sarcasm are all my own 


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If you’re a purveyor of, or believer in mindless, baseless, maleficent confidence trickery, I’m sorry for hurting your feelings. Feel free to leave a comment.

Parting words

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    1. Daffy duck came to mind when I read your blog post. He was one bad ass duck. I think Daffy would like to keep his legs and volunteer either Bugs Bunny or Elmer Fudd.

    2. As far as I know, rabbit feet never became a thing for luck in Australia. Rabbits were brought over by European settlers for their fox hunting. They grew in plague proportions and soon became a pest which damaged the land. Australia has used two biological controls to try to kill them all, viz., myxomatosis virus and calicivirus, each control has failed.

    3. Hmmm….. Sounds like the rat problem in New York!! Even though rabbits are considered cute and cuddly any animal introduced into an environment where they have no natural enemies will breed to out of control levels.

      The rats in New York are out of control especially in the subways. You can see them scurrying along the tracks yet those monsters never get electrocuted by the 3rd rail. Go figure. Usually in the daytime it’s not so bad but at night! Ugh! A nightmare and they are not cute or wonderful like that 1973 movie, Ben. The City of New York does put down rat poison but I don’t think it is working. In the part of Brooklyn I live in sometimes you see them sauntering down the street like they own the place! Ugh! And some of those creatures are bigger than my cat Sylvester! Scary!

    4. I’m not a fan of rats. Australia also has plagues of mice which can easily ruin a farmer’s season. These are not city plagues but out on farms and the mice eat everything.

    5. I feel the same about mice unless they are cartoon mice like Mickey Mouse or Pinky and the Brain. Any mice dumb enough to get into my home will be demolished by Sylvester. He does not eat them but he will kill them. Personally I think rampant mice and rats are bad for both cities and rural areas. Since I get off work very late at night (I work the evening/Late shift) I watch when I come out of the subway because the rats are running hither and thither. There have been nights when I’ve gotten some impromptu exercise running trying to avoid those hideous beasts!!

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