Sweet sweet tomatoes

Fresh sweet tomatoes are so much better than store bought

So, I come back from Delhi and a work friend gives me a bag of her fresh sweet tomatoes.

It’s so true that fresh is always best. These little tomatoes were so sweet and crisp and tasty. Last night I cooked them with my salmon and leftover prawn curry.

Salmon with curry prawns with pearl barley couscous and brown rice with white quinoa Sweet tomatoes Gary Lum
Salmon with curry prawns with pearl barley couscous and brown rice with white quinoa [click for a better view]
Tonight, I had them with crispy skin curry chilli salmon and a chilli jalapeño salad with fried shallots and lime zest. 

Crispy skin curry chilli salmon with fresh tomatoes, and a chilli jalapeño salad with fried shallots and lime zest. sweet tomatoes Gary Lum
Crispy skin curry chilli salmon with fresh tomatoes, and a chilli jalapeño salad with fried shallots and lime zest. [click on the photo for a better view]

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Preparing tonight’s dinner

I got home from work and immediately started on the salad. In a metal bowl, I added some chopped iceberg lettuce, fried shallots, sliced spring onions, sliced red onion, red chillies, jalapeño peppers, the halved tomatoes, lime zest and some chunks of cream cheese.  

With the salad done I tossed some flour, curry powder and chilli flakes into the plastic bag with the salmon and shook it up to coat the salmon.

I heated up a small iron-based frying pan in my portable induction hob and sprayed it will a little olive oil. The salmon was tossed skin side down into the frying pan. The hot pan and the flour/curry coating got it nice and crispy. The salmon was flipped over when it was ready and a little butter was added. Don’t overcook the fish!

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Juice from the lime, the hot butter and oil plus a little salt and maple syrup was used to dress the salad.

How did it taste?

My experience in India has convinced me that I need to add more spices to my food. Tonight, there were chilli flakes, curry powder, red chillies and jalapeño peppers.

The stand out component were the sweet tomatoes. They just popped. The salmon was very good too. Because avocado is so expensive now, I didn’t have any, so that’s where the cream cheese came into play. It worked well to give that smooth mouth feel.

Final thoughts

If you can get your hands on or your mouth around some fresh sweet tomatoes, do it. It’s well worth the effort.

Parting words

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10 Responses

    1. Bland food=boring I reckon Lorraine 😃
      Unless you’re not feeling well and then bland may well be what’s needed.

  1. I don’t eat fresh tomatoes, but based on everything I hear from less picky friends and family, fresh from the garden is far superior. Of course, we have six months before those days arrive here!

  2. This looks good Gary and sorry for not always liking the food, but I’m vegetarian and have been for a while, so meat doesn’t talk to me.
    Thank you very, very much for removing the site bar with extra sharing bottoms, now your blog is so much better and more easy to read 😀

    1. Thanks Irene, I can understand why you would not find what I cook and eat appetising.
      I’ll see what change removing the sidebar makes to my stats. I’m guessing not much.

  3. Sounds like you are working hard at improving your spicy game. Good luck 😀 It sounds like a detailed meal, yet you always manage to put together a blog so quick, and up your IG photos so quick too. I’m electing to work later these days so I usually see your IG posts when I’m still in the office :”D

    1. Thanks Mabel, I think I need to do some reading on curries to really kick it up a notch.
      It sounds like our work lives are at the ends of the spectrum. I like getting to work at 6.45 and I leave at 5. That way, I am often eating a bit after 6 which is the time I’ve eaten for most of my life.

    2. Green, red, yellow, brown curries…so many kinds of curries you can look into, Gaz 🙂 You work longer hours than me, lol. I’m thinking of all that extra time you can accrue working that way 😉

    3. It doesn’t accrue for me. Not that it concerns me.
      I did start imagining how I might write a free e-book today 😃

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