Cheat’s roast pork rashers

Do you like crispy pork crackling on roast pork rashers? Do you want a quick and simple method to get that crispy crackling? Here’s a good cheat.

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Roast pork rashers with crispy crackling and rice Gary Lum
Roast pork rashers with crispy crackling and rice


Cheat’s roast pork rashers
Prep Time
5 mins
Cook Time
1 hr
Total Time
1 hr 5 mins

Traditional methods for cooking pork often call for drying the rind and rubbing in loads of salt. This method does neither which saves time and reduces your sodium chloride load. 

Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Australian
Servings: 1
Calories: 1000 kcal
Author: Gary Lum
  • 500 grams Pork rashers/ribs pre-cut
  • 1 packet Microwave long grain rice Coles brand
  • ½ cup Frozen peas, corn and capsicum
  • 6 pieces Sugar snap peas Sliced
  • 1 splash Soy sauce
  1. Heat up a fan-forced oven to 200 °C/400 °F

  2. In a small non-stick frying pan line the bottom with a layer of baking paper

  3. Place the pork rashers into the frying pan skin side up

    Otway Pork Rashers/Ribs 500 grams $11.48 Gary Lum roast pork rashers
  4. Roast for 1 hour

  5. Cook the packet rice in the microwave oven on high for 90 seconds

  6. Add the cooked rice to a hot non-stick frying pan and then add the peas, corn and capsicum

  7. Add the sliced sugar snap peas

  8. Add a splash of soy sauce and fry off

  9. Place the rice into bowl

  10. After 1 hour in the oven remove the pork rashers and allow to rest on absorbent paper to drain the fat for 10 minutes

  11. Slice the pork across the grain and then sprinkle with a little white sugar

  12. Add the pork to the rice

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    1. There is usually a heap in the pork section of the meat area in Coles and Woolworths 😃
      Happy crispy crackling making 😋

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