The Yummy Lummy restaurant review colony rating system

The Yummy Lummy restaurant review colony rating system


You may have noticed for some of the latest restaurant reviews I’ve included a rating system based on colony numbers. This was in deference to CBR Foodie’s Canberra Raiders beanie rating system. I did think of using Brisbane Broncos or Queensland XXXX Maroons beanies but I had to be true to myself and choose something closer to my heart. I’ll always be an old fashioned bacteriologist longing for an agar plate in my left hand and a nichrome bacterial loop in my right. In my dreams a Bunsen burner burns with a bright blue flame that never dies. For me, molecular microbiology and newer technology like the MALDI-TOF have taken some of the enjoyment out of clinical microbiology. If someone can put a packet of plates and a few loops in my coffin when I croak I’d be eternally grateful.


The colonies I’ve chosen are those of my favourite bacterium, viz., Chromobacterium violaceum. I’ve even mentioned this is my favourite bacterium before an Australian Senate committee in 2011. You can see the transcript here. It’s on page 152.


Colonies Interpretation
½ I’ll tell my enemies not to eat here.
1 I’ll be telling friends not to eat here.
I paid the bill but with regret and I’m thinking of stopping at McDonalds for a Big Mac.
2 I’ll pay my money but there won’t be a tip.
It was an okay meal, I won’t come back, hopefully the rest of the night was fun.
3 Good. If I never ate here again it wouldn’t bother me.
Good. Given the opportunity I’d return.
4 Really good. I will aim to return.
Fantastic. I’ll be back.
5 Outstanding. I’ll be back multiple times.
Broth culture I’m in food heaven I’ll leave in a box


Examples of the colonies can be found at

Image of Chromobacterium violaceum colonies


On the old blog, I also had a rating system for restaurant rest rooms (dunnies in Strine) and napkins. I’m not sure I’ll continue with this. I am a fan of a well appointed rest room so when I experience one I’ll try to mention it, especially if they offer a Dyson airblade hand drying experience and suitable moisturisers for men. For napkins, nothing really beats a well starched linen napkin in a fancy restaurant. Having written that I don’t mind the ‘tea towel’ napkins that Jamie’s Italian restaurant chain offers.


Disclaimer and a note on mass and energy

I have no culinary training nor qualifications. This post is not intended to convey any health or medical advice. If you have any health concerns about anything you read, please contact your registered medical practitioner. 

For recipe posts the quantities are indicative. Feel free to vary the quantities to suit your taste.
I deliberately do not calculate energy for dishes. I deliberately default to 500 Calories or 500,000 calories because I do not make these calculations. 

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