Chicken parmigiana

The Courtney

***Check out the update below***

I have a very good friend at work who likes a chicken schnitzel. I love chicken schnitzel. This friend also likes Hollandaise sauce. I love Hollandaise sauce. He told me one of his daughters has a friend named Courtney who likes chicken schnitzel and Hollandaise sauce together. My good friend from work feels this is anathema, an abomination. I on the other hand believe this Courtney is brilliant. She is a genius. In my mind The Courtney is perfect.

I present The Courtney

This one is from the Canberra Southern Cross Club Jamison.

"The Courtney" Chicken schnitzel with Hollandaise sauce
“The Courtney” Chicken schnitzel with Hollandaise sauce

This week we read in the NT News (the greatest newspaper in the universe) about some Darwin lads who anonymously rate chicken parmigiana in and around Darwin. They even have a Facebook page dedicated to their quest for the perfect chook parmy.

I suggested to my friend we could do this with chook schnitty in Canberra. I reckon this would be very cool and it would see me approaching my record weight from days gone by. Perhaps not a great idea after all. I’ll reconsider the idea I think. I really need to lose some weight. Today I enjoyed my fifth episode of birthday cake. Today I was at the hospital and my doctor friends took me to afternoon tea and spoilt me with cake.


How do you feel about The Courtney?


A Courtney update

So today (Tuesday 2015-05-19) my friend (from above) from work went to The Tradies at Woden with a couple of friends and I had another Courtney. This was was pretty good.

The Courtney from The Tradies, Woden
The Courtney from The Tradies, Woden