Oriental ramen noodle chicken casserole

Really? An oriental ramen noodle chicken casserole! 

What on earth is an oriental ramen noodle chicken casserole?

This morning I was watching a YouTube video of one of my favourite on-line cooks, Hilah Johnson of Hilah Cooking. Hilah was making a chicken enchilada casserole and it inspired me to make a chicken casserole for dinner. 

Check out the YouTube video.




Asparagus, Baby spinach, Celery, Jalapeño and Cheddar seasoning mix, Chicken, Coon cheese, Green chillies, Leek, Noodles, Red chillies, Sour cream, Spinach leaves, Sugar snap peas


Watch the video to see how I just bung things in together.  

There’s nothing special about how you do this. I’m using a frying pan because it is a good size and it’s oven safe.

The cooking time was a bit of a guess, it could have just as easily been 30 minutes I think.

Why do I like Hilah?

I’ve been following Hilah on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram for years. She’s just very cool. I like the videos she produces and her style. If you like Texans, you’ll love Hilah. Like another favourite Texan, viz., Jules from Jules Strawberry, Hilah now lives in California.  

Hilah also produces a video series aptly named, “Put it in my mouth” in which she wears an ‘I ❤️ snacks’ T-shirt and eats things that people from all over the world send her to try.

So how did my chicken casserole turn out?

It was good, albeit a little salty. The quantity of Jalapeño and Cheddar burger mix was probably too much. Otherwise, I really enjoyed it. I’ve saved half for dinner tomorrow night.

Ramen noodles chicken casserole Gary Lum
Ramen noodles chicken casserole

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Yummy Lummy quick tip on cooking sweet corn

Cooking sweet corn is easy if you’re a lazy cook. I’ve found an easy method so long as you have between 45 minutes and an hour to allow for cooking. 

Check out this quick YouTube video



I know some people like to use the microwave oven but in my mind, the corn lacks something when cooked that way. With the method, I describe you can also add some aromatic spices or herbs like rosemary and garlic in the wrapped aluminium foil. 

Tonight’s dinner

For tonight’s dinner, I had some chicken wings which I laid out on a couple of pieces of Helga’s pumpkin seed bread in a large frying pan. I added some super hot chilli flakes to the chicken as well as some salt and cracked black pepper. I also added a little olive oil to the chicken to help keep the skin from burning. 

Along with the aluminium foil wrapped ear of sweet corn, I put the chicken and bread in an oven at 200 °C for 20 minutes and then turned it down to 150 °C for 25 minutes. 

The meal turned out nicely. The fried bread was a luxurious touch. 

Hot and spicy chicken wings with sweet corn Gary Lum Yummy Lummy I know some people like to use the microwave oven but in my mind, the corn lacks something when cooked that way. With the method, I describe you can also add some aromatic spices or herbs like rosemary and garlic in the wrapped aluminium foil. Cooking sweet corn
Hot and spicy chicken wings with sweet corn

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What would you prefer on a sandwich? Butter or dip?

Butter or dip? It’s not a meaning of life question, but what would you prefer on a sandwich?  

Butter I hear you scream. Well I went with dip!


For lunch today I made a sandwich with a piece of chicken schnitzel. Normally I’d add butter to the bread but today instead of butter I went with dip. So butter or dip? I went with dip. 

Couldn’t you use butter and dip?

I support I could have gone with both but really that is not necessary. As my girth increases, I really need to stop doubling up on things. 

What went into the sandwich?

I bought a fresh bread roll from Coles as well as one of those heart shaped pieces of chicken schnitzel (I described this a few posts ago). I also had a premade spring onion dip as well as some grated Coon cheese. The leafy green vegetable you can see in the photographs is kale. Yeah I know, it’s trendy and hipster. If you know me well, you know I’m neither trendy nor hipster. I like the taste of kale. See what I don’t like about kale by watching the video

How did it taste?

It was a pretty good sandwich. Please try making one yourself and letting me know what you think. 

Chicken schnitzel and kale sandwich with spring onion dip for butter Gary Lum
Chicken schnitzel and kale sandwich with spring onion dip for butter

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Chicken wings and duck fat roast sweet potato

Chicken wings and duck fat roast sweet potato made quickly and easily. Just check out the video. 

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Making a simple salmon and avocado sandwich

Making a simple salmon and avocado sandwich is so easy.  Just check out the video.  

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Heart shaped chicken schnitzel burger with lime avocado butter

For Sunday lunch I enjoyed a chicken schnitzel burger with a lime avocado “butter”. When I say butter, I didn’t use any real butter but mainly avocado, some lime zest, lime juice and a little olive oil. 

Purchasing a heart-shaped chicken schnitzel

After a morning walk around Lake Ginninderra, I stopped off at Coles and bought a piece of chicken schnitzel, a bread roll and an avocado. I am always amused when I see the chicken schnitzel pieces in the display case of the delicatessen section. The crumbed pieces of chicken are shaped into a ‘romantic’ heart shape rather than a real heart shape. I think a real heart is so much more attractive. Especially if it’s beating. It would have been great if I could by a piece of crumbed chicken in the shape of a beating heart 😂

One of the nice things about Brazilian cuisine is their love of chicken hearts. I don’t like eating a lot of them, one or two is enough, but they make for a great addition to a barbecue lunch or dinner. 

'Heart' shaped chicken schnitzel Gary Lum
‘Heart’ shaped chicken schnitzel

Avocado preparation

I chose a just ripe avocado. I prepared the avocado by dicing it, smashing it with a fork and then adding some lime zest, lime juice and olive oil. This makes for a very tangy and smooth “butter”.

Making the chicken schnitzel burger

I cooked the chicken by pan frying one side, flipping it over and then placing the frying pan with the chicken into a hot oven for 10 minutes. Once the chicken is cooked, I let it rest for five minutes. 

The bread roll can be spread with the avocado and then the chicken laid on top. To the chicken, add some aioli and a couple of slices of pickled jalapeño pepper. 

Portion control. Chicken schnitzel with limey avocado and jalapeño peppers. #lunch #yummylummy #foodporn #yummy #delicious #instafood #nikon Gary Lum
Portion control. Chicken schnitzel with limey avocado and jalapeño peppers.
#lunch #yummylummy #foodporn #yummy #delicious #instafood #nikon

I really enjoyed this burger. If you don’t have a nearby Coles you may not be able to get a “heart”-shaped chicken schnitzel but so long as you can get some crumbed chook you’ll be okay. 

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Portion control

So this is a cross post about portion control. I’m doing something a little personal but it’s still got a medical connection and I’ve done a Medical Fun Facts podcast about it too.

Weight gain and weight loss

2016 has been a year of steady weight gain for me. At the end of 2003 I tipped the scales at 100 kilograms. It was around Christmas of 2003 that my younger brothers started making whale noises when I was at the beach. On New Year’s Day 2004 I started modifying my way of eating, thinking and living. By the end of 2004 I had stabilised to about 77 kilograms. I did hit a trough of 75 kilograms but I could not sustain that weight.

Maintaining a ‘good’ weight

Since then my body weight has gone up and down but never above 85 kilograms. This year I stopped weighing myself and felt it was good enough to judge my progress based on how my clothes fit and what hole I was using on my belt.

The big day arrived

A couple of weeks ago I reached a psychological and physical tipping point. A pair of trousers demonstrated a dehiscence (not where you are assuming) and I was at the second last hole of my belt. It was clearly time for a change.

My ‘dramatic’ weight loss in 2004 was a result of eliminating carbohydrates (CHO) from my food and focusing on protein (mainly meat and cheese plus low GI vegetables) and what some people call healthy fats. Since the end of 2004, from time to time I restricted my CHO intake to modify my weight. I didn’t always like it though.

It’s a confining way to exist rather than live. I enjoy rice, quinoa and noodles. I like toast as a carrier for things like Vegemite and avocado. I like rolled oats and cereal for breakfast. Going without those things drives cravings for chocolate and ice cream even more (at least in my mind). It has other drawbacks too. It makes going out to dinner a little more difficult. You need to plan. I also experienced two bouts of gout.

My disclaimer

I’m also conscious, that despite, the medical disclaimer I put on YummyLummy.com there are readers who know I am a medical practitioner and who may incorrectly link the way I behave in terms of eating as some form of professional endorsement. Let me make it clear, what you see me eat in YummyLummy.com is not medical, health or nutritional advice. I do not offer nutritional advice as a professional service. I am aware that recently the Medical Board of Australia placed conditions on the registration of a medical practitioner after a complaint by a nutritionist saw the Board send a message that in this particular situation this medical practitioner did not have sufficient qualifications to provide a specific type of nutritional advice. In addition, there were concerns raised about endorsement of a related service offered by a family member.

My solution

So to resolve my problem I am embarking on a journey of portion control. If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram you may have seen the phrase “portion control” used on posts. Dear readers and listeners, I need encouragement. Please keep me honest. I need to fit into my pre-Hong Kong holiday trousers.

Portion control. Spicy baked salmon with kale coleslaw. #dinner #yummylummy #foodporn #yummy #delicious #instafood #nikon
Portion control. Spicy baked salmon with kale coleslaw #dinner #yummylummy #foodporn #yummy #delicious #instafood #nikon

Thank you




Grease Monkey Double Deluxe burger

Introduction to Grease Monkey

On Wednesday evening I went out to dinner with a mate from Darwin. I’ve known Drapes for a long time. He worked out of Katherine, Nhulunbuy, Tennant Creek and Alice Springs while I was the Supervising Pathologist for the Northern Territory of Australia. He was down in Canberra for a meeting.

We’d arranged to catch up and thought a burger meal would be the way to go. I did a little on-line searching and thought it would be worth trying out Grease Monkey in Braddon.

Grease Monkey

The restaurant is at 19 Lonsdale Street in Braddon and it opens from 11 am to 10 pm.


They have chairs, stools and tables inside and outside. Drapes and I sat on moulded stools at the front window looking out onto the sidewalk. It was good for watching people walk by. Mostly young Canberrans, the blokes with beards and women in summer wear.

The menu can be downloaded from the website and I’ve made the current one available here.

What did I eat?

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you’ll see over the last couple of days I’ve been trying to be mindful of portion size. So I limited myself. I didn’t get fried chicken, mac and cheese, jalapeño poppers or hot wings. I had just one burger and that was the Double Deluxe.

Photograph courtesy of Anthony Draper
Photograph courtesy of Anthony Draper

The Double Deluxe

This burger consists of double beef, double cheese, bacon, grease monkey sauce, grease monkey relish, onion and pickles. The bread roll was pretty good. It wasn’t sweet and it wasn’t too much. It was just right. The burger itself was nice, I’d happily do it again. The burger is also served with chips. The chips were cooked really well and nicely salted but they come with extra seasoning. So now I’m going to sound like a food wanker but I reckon on their own the chips would be awesome, but coupled with a nice burger, they’re too much. There is too much competing flavour.

Sorry about the backlighting on this photograph
Sorry about the backlighting on this photograph

What else?

Check out the comment from Kate on Instagram. You need to click on the image and it will open the page in Instagram and you can scroll down to see Kate’s comment. Kate is a friend who avoids animal flesh, so I’m guessing the mushroom burger is really good. 

Next time I’ll try the mushroom burger.

Final words

For $20 the Double Deluxe is not cheap. Is it worth $20? Not really. You can make a similar burger for less. What about the experience? It’s a good experience and I reckon Canberrans should check out Grease Monkey and have a burger or two. I’ll go back but it’s not a place I’d go to regularly.


Quick tip for cooking chicken pieces



It can be a bit boring cooking just one piece of chicken for your meal for one.

I often cook my chook on something, like some quinoa rice, or pearl barley couscous or even some ramen noodles.

Roasting these starchy carbs under the piece of chicken has two benefits. The juices from the chicken infuse into whatever it sits on and the roasting ensures the rice or couscous or noodles come out crunchy for some added mouthfeel.

So I’ve taken up another hobby! Podcasting. A friend at work likes to hear medical fun facts and I thought I could put them together and made a podcast about them. 

Would you like to hear some Medical Fun Facts? Check out the link https://drgarylum.com/blog/ 

Roast sesame Chicken Maryland with avocado and potato chips #dinner #yummylummy #foodporn #yummy #delicious #instafood #nikon Gary Lum
Roast sesame Chicken Maryland with avocado and potato chips
#dinner #yummylummy #foodporn #yummy #delicious #instafood #nikon