Potato scallops

Baked salmon with pickled coleslaw and potato scallops

Before I get onto the pickled coleslaw and potato scallops, I was not meant to be home tonight for dinner. I’d been invited to the launch of Hoi Polloi at Old Parliament House. Unfortunately on Monday evening I started experiencing some mild colicky abdominal pain and on Tuesday morning it was still there. I wasn’t indisposed as such at that time but figured it would be prudent to inform the organiser. It’s a good thing I did because after dinner last night I was up a few times.

The good thing is today I felt better and after a good day at work I figured I should indulge a little. Hence the takeaway potato scallops.

What I ate today

Thursday 13 August 2015

Today is payday, always a great day. After paying off bills I wish it was payday tomorrow too… I got into work at 5 am this morning to prepare for a 6 am teleconference. I brought in a crunchy peanut paste and Buderim Ginger Factory ginger marmalade sandwich which I toasted for breakfast. I’d been […]

Footy food by Yummy Lummy #StateofOrigin #Origin #Queensland

Hoping for a Queensland victory

Footy food by Yummy Lummy