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Our last and best meal in Hong Kong and the flight home

It’s Monday morning and we fly back to Brisbane later in the evening. Today we had our last and best meal in Hong Kong before the flight home.

No it wasn’t breakfast. This is the last breakfast I had at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. It was certainly not our best meal in Hong Kong.

A photograph of Scrambled eggs with condensed milk and jam on toast with dim sum
Scrambled eggs with condensed milk and jam on toast with dim sum

After breakfast we set about packing our bags. Our check out time was 12 noon and Miss14 and Ms18 had done most of their packing the night before. As for Ms20 and me, we needed to sort out our suitcases and things. We’d agreed that we would try to check out at about 11.30 so we could have one final meal somewhere close.

I was very impressed with my daughters. They had planned for a long time for this holiday. They came with plenty of room in their suitcases and they bought enough to fill the gaps without any extra bags necessary. Ms18 in particular had packing down to a tee. She was like a travelling expert. Her suitcase was immaculate in the way everything went together. She is so neat.

Me on the other hand, I travel a lot but for this trip I just threw everything into my bag. My focus for this holiday had been keeping my daughters happy and shooting some photographs for Yummy Lummy. I brought along a bag for my camera body, lenses and power supplies.

We were ready by 11.30 and set off for Times Square. My plan was to get a table at Lei Garden which I had heard was a very fine Chinese restaurant. When we arrived we secured a table on the understanding we would be finished by 1.30 pm. That wouldn’t be a problem.

The yum cha menu looked pretty good and we set about discussing and agreeing on what we’d like to eat.

You can see what we asked for in this photograph of our request sheet.

A photograph of our request sheet yum cha menu at Lei Garden
The yum cha menu at Lei Garden

The steamed dim sum came out first and occupied most of the table.

Steamed dim sum at Lei Garden
Steamed dim sum at Lei Garden

Everything was delicious.

The deep fried dim sum came out next.

A photograph of Deep fried dim sum at Lei Garden
Deep fried dim sum at Lei Garden

I love turnip cake. My grandmother used to make it for me. I could eat it all day.

Then things got a little out of order. We were served egg custard tarts but there was one more fried dish to come.

A photograph of Egg custard tarts
Egg custard tarts
A photograph of Deep fried dumplings with sticky rice and pork
Deep fried dumplings with sticky rice and pork

This was simply the best meal in Hong Kong of our holiday. That’s not to say we didn’t also enjoy the hospitality and ambience of cheap and cheerful local establishments like Toby Inn and Eat Together.

After lunch Miss14 was determined to spend her last Hong Kong dollars on her Octopus card so we explored some little shops.

As we walked back to the hotel to wait for our bus to the airport we stopped at McDonald’s for a soft drink.

I'm Swarm Mayor of McDonald's

The bus ride to the airport was uneventful. I wrote a couple of quick TripAdvisor reviews for the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Buffalo Tours.

When we got to the airport we were allowed into a lounge and had an afternoon snack.Meatballs and potato Wonton

Of course the girls wanted to do more last minute shopping. They found another Victoria’s Secret shop!

Victoria's Secrrets

We boarded QF98 HKG to BNE without delay or problem and were on our way back to Brisbane after a fantastic holiday.

On QF98

Yes, we shared an overnight flight with two babies!

On board QF98 with two babies

The food on the flight home was pretty good.

I had a nice duck salad and caramel mousse for dinner and eggs for breakfast.

Duck salad Caramel mousse Eggs with sausage and potato

When I got to my parent’s place I said goodbye for my daughters. It had been such a great holiday and their absence left a hole in my heart. It had been my best ever holiday. We made the most of everyday and every waking hour. I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.

To satisfy my craving for Atlantic salmon I had salmon for lunch and tea in Brisbane.Salmon sandwich Salmon and coleslaw

The following day I flew back to Canberra. I managed to get an upgrade seat (thank you Qantas) and enjoyed a toasted sandwich for breakfast.Toasted sandwich

So this isn’t the last post for this Hong Kong holiday. I’ll post a summary with tips on travelling soon.

If you’ve been to Hong Kong what was your best meal in Hong Kong?