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Hellenic Club Chicken Schnitzel

Hellenic Club Chicken Schnitzel Three times a year we front up to provide evidence at Senate estimates. I’m in an unusual position in that I enjoy the experience.

I also have myself a little ritual, I like to go to the Hellenic Club and have a chicken schnitzel for dinner. Unlike the Tradies Club the Hellenic Club chicken schnitzel does not serve Hollandaise sauce with a schnitzel, i.e., a Courtney. That said the chicken schnitzel is quite delicious at the Hellenic club.

The schnitzel is flat and tender and well crumbed. On my latest outing I had it with the pepper sauce plus chips. This is a perfect dinner before driving up to Parliament house to appear before senators.  I just wish the Hellenic Club Chicken Schnitzel was a Courtney!

Hellenic Club chicken schnitzel
Hellenic Club chicken schnitzel, my Senate Estimates dinner ritual


Have you enjoyed an Hellenic Club chicken schnitzel?

How do you feel about being a member of a club like the Hellenic Club. I like being able to walk in whenever I like to the Hellenic Club, The Tradies and the Canberra Southern Cross clubs. The memberships aren’t really excessive and most do a discount for members. I’ve never gambled in a club so that attraction isn’t a thing. On average, clubs in Australia serve reasonable food at reasonable prices and rather than take away fast food you can get a better option for not much more.