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Alfie’s Mooo Char & Bar Restaurant Review

Alfie’s Mooo Char & Bar Restaurant Review

On the Saturday, of this year’s Australia Day long weekend, I went to Alfie’s Mooo Char & Bar with my daughters and my eldest daughter’s boyfriend. We had planned this lunch since before Christmas 2017.

This is a photograph of the front of Alfie's Mooo Char & Bar restaurant at Caloundra.

Who is Alfie?

If you’re not from Queensland or New South Wales (NSW) you may not know Alfie. Alfie is Allan Langer, and in my opinion the greatest rugby league halfback ever. Alfie played for the Brisbane Broncos, the XXXX Queensland Maroons, and the Australian Kangaroos. While small in stature for a modern elite athlete, his tenacity, skill, game intelligence and ability to read the field of play made him both exciting and dangerous if you were an opposing cockroach.

After Alfie retired from the National Rugby League (NRL) competition, he went on to play in the English super league. While he was there, Mr Wayne Bennett) was coaching the mighty XXXX Queensland Maroons and in 2001 during the State of Origin series, for the third and deciding match he called Alfie back to wear the Maroon jersey. Despite criticism and laughs of derision from cockroaches and cockroach lovers, Alfie set up two tries and scored one of the most brilliant tries of Origin history. While critics south of the border said he was too old and unfit to play Origin, Alfie inspired the team and Queensland won the series that year.

That try

Watch this YouTube video from about the 6 minutes 25 seconds mark through to 7 minutes 20 seconds to see THAT try.

Footy food for game 1

Alfie’s Mooo Char & Bar

The restaurant is located on the corner of The Esplanade and Otranto Avenue, Bulcock Beach, Caloundra QLD 4551. Its website is simply You can call to make a booking on +61 7 5492 8155.

For more information, you can go to Google maps. This site also has reviews and photographs.

My parents and brothers have eaten at Alfie’s many times and Dad has told me how he has even met Alfie who is often there and serving drinks at the bar. Apparently, he’ll walk around and chat with diners. Alfie wasn’t there on the day that we enjoyed our meal, I’m hoping to visit again for an opportunity to meet the man.


The menu was as expected a food lovers paradise ranging from light and easy through to substantial meaty monuments to magnificent muscle.

This is a photograph of a knife and fork plus cutlery used to eat crabs and oysters at Alfie's Mooo Char & Bar at Caloundra.

My youngest daughter chose an Alfie Burger which she said was delicious and being in Queensland, it had beetroot and pineapple. These two elements are the sine qua non for a Queensland burger. In my mind, the only thing that could make it better would be a fried egg.

My daughter told me it was a really good burger.

My eldest daughter and her boyfriend both enjoyed fish and chips.

It looked like they both enjoyed their fish and chips.

My middle daughter and I agreed we would share a hot and cold seafood platter. This particular daughter and I have a very strong bond with food. She is a talented cake maker and cake decorator and she’s working in the food industry at the moment.

This is a photograph of me (Gary Lum aka Yummy Lummy) and my daughter before we begin to tuck into out hot and cold seafood platter at Alfie's Mooo Char & Bar restaurant at Caloundra.

This platter was pretty good and it didn’t take us long to polish it off. The only thing that could have been improved would have been the crab. I think I’ve been spoilt with experiences with Top End mud crabs and imported King crab. The humble spanner crab isn’t quite the same. In some ways, a sand crab would be been nice. We agreed, the next time we might go for a cold platter with a side of the oysters Kilpatrick.

This is a photograph of my view of the hot and cold seafood platter at Alfie's Mooo Char & Bar restaurant at Caloundra.

Everything tasted fresh and the oysters were plump and the prawns were firm. The deep-fried treats were very tasty and not over seasoned. The accompanying dipping sauces were also very good. The house tartare was great and next time I might ask for an extra dish of that.

My daughter and I were very satisfied with our choice and we felt like we had eaten well.

If you’re interested in what the damage was, check out the online menu for all the details.

Alfie’s burger

Beef pattie, bacon, beetroot, pineapple, vintage cheddar, caramelised onions, smokey bbq sauce, fat chips.

Alfie’s fish and chips

Fish and fat chips, summer salad, house tartare, lemon.

Alfie’s hot and cold seafood platter

1 spanner crab, 6 fresh Mooloolaba king prawns, 1 Moreton Bay bug, 6 natural oysters, 6 pieces of crumbed fish, 6 tempura king prawns, 6 Kilpatrick oysters, salt and pepper calamari and served with a Queensland nut and toasted coconut salad, tartare sauce, seafood sauce, fat chips, and lemon.

Final thoughts

Before I get to my final thoughts, you may like to read about the radio interview I did with Lish Fejer and Jolene Laverty on ABC Canberra about vanilla slice, one of my favourite things.

I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch with my daughters. The restaurant is well positioned so you can see the water. The sea breeze keeps everything cool. The wait staff are friendly and attentive to diners. Gratefully they didn’t clear plates before everyone was finished.

Once ordered, the food came out in a good amount of time, not too soon and we didn’t feel like we were left waiting too long. The food itself is well presented, fresh and delicious.

I’d happily return for another meal and I have no hesitation to recommend Alfie’s Mooo Bar & Char to others.

I reckon after a lunch, it’s worth going for a walk and enjoying an ice cream by the beach.

This is a photograph of me (Gary Lum aka Yummy Lummy) on the beach at Caloundra. I'm wearing a Star Trek cap, sunglasses, a long-sleeve rash vest and board shorts.

Anchor note For those not familiar with the finer points of rugby league, a cockroach is a player from NSW. So named by Barry Muir. Barry was one of Australia’s greatest 100 players of the greatest game of all.

Footy food by Yummy Lummy #StateofOrigin #Origin #Queensland

Footy food for State of Origin game two

Tonight is game two in this year’s state of origin series. On the old blog you can find many posts about state of origin and where my allegiances lie. Needless to say the photograph of me on my about page has the Queensland flag as a background. The Maroon jumper I wear in my twitter and instagram avatars says it all QUEENSLANDER!!!

On the way home tonight I stopped at Jamison Takeaway in the Jamison Plaza and bought some potato scallops and calamari rings to snack on while I cooked my dinner.

Footy food from Jamison Takeaway. Potato scallops and calamari rings. I hope Queensland defeats New South Wales tonight in the State of Origin game.
Footy food from Jamison Takeaway. Potato scallops and calamari rings. I hope Queensland defeats New South Wales tonight in the State of Origin game.



Sorry it’s a little blurry. I was so excited about eating them 🙂  

A need to do a shout out to the lovely ladies at the Jamison Takeaway. They always give me an extra potato scallop. They are the best. 

For dinner I made honey soy chicken wings. They make great footy food. Click on the image if you want to see a bigger version.

Happy hump day honey soy chicken wings while waiting for the State of Origin game #QUEENSLANDER
Happy hump day honey soy chicken wings while waiting for the State of Origin game #QUEENSLANDER
Honey soy chicken wings | Footy food by Yummy Lummy
Recipe Type: Footy food
Cuisine: Australian
Author: Gary Lum
Rugby league is the greatest game of all. State of origin is the greatest example of rugby league. Queensland is the greatest state in Australia and in the world, even the universe. Footy and food go hand in hand.
  • Chicken wings
  • Honey
  • Soy sauce
  • Olive oil
  • Sherry
  • Dessicated coconut
  • Sesame seeds
  • Chilli flakes
  • Pepper
  1. In a bowl add the chicken and everything else
  2. Mix well and allow to rest for ten minutes
  3. Put into a preheated oven (150 °C) for one hour
  4. Plate up
  5. Capture an image with a Nikon D5300 and a Tamron 90 mm Macro lens at 1/25 seconds, f/8 and ISO 100
  6. Eat the food while watching the pregame highlights
  7. Wash the dishes
  8. Write the blog post
  9. Enjoy the game
  10. Hope Queensland defeats New South Wales
Just to repeat, rugby league is the greatest game of all. State of origin is what sport is all about. Queenslanders are the best FULL STOP

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