Curried salmon

It’s Monday so that means salmon. I’ve eaten salmon every Monday in 2014. Tonight I cooked curried salmon for Mum, Dad, Miss13 and Miss17. Miss19 is working tonight. 

Cooking a kilogram of salmon with the skin on isn’t quite like cooking one portion for myself 

Miss17 helped with the salad again which was good. I prepared the vermicelli by soaking it in room temperature water for 15 minutes and then draining the water.

I cooked the salmon in the same way I usually do. I rubbed in some curry powder and oil and then laid the portions out on a hot frying pan and put the lid on top for 5 minutes. I then poured in a tin of coconut cream and then added the vermicelli and then another tin of coconut cream. I broke up the salmon in the frying pan while cooking through the vermicelli and coconut cream.

The salad had mango, avocado, cucumber, cos lettuce, nectarines and tomatoes in it. 

2014-12-15_18.01.19_003_GARY_LUM 2014-12-15_18.01.34_004_GARY_LUM 2014-12-15_18.19.10_005_GARY_LUM 2014-12-15_18.19.27_006_GARY_LUM 2014-12-15_18.23.34_008_GARY_LUM 2014-12-15_18.27.06_009_GARY_LUM 2014-12-15_18.32.57_010_GARY_LUM

Earlier for breakfast I also had some granola


Disclaimer and a note on mass and energy

I have no culinary training nor qualifications. This post is not intended to convey any health or medical advice. If you have any health concerns about anything you read, please contact your registered medical practitioner. 

For recipe posts the quantities are indicative. Feel free to vary the quantities to suit your taste.
I deliberately do not calculate energy for dishes. I deliberately default to 500 Calories or 500,000 calories because I do not make these calculations. 

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