Curried salmon

It’s Monday so that means salmon. I’ve eaten salmon every Monday in 2014. Tonight I cooked curried salmon for Mum, Dad, Miss13 and Miss17. Miss19 is working tonight. 

Cooking a kilogram of salmon with the skin on isn’t quite like cooking one portion for myself 

Miss17 helped with the salad again which was good. I prepared the vermicelli by soaking it in room temperature water for 15 minutes and then draining the water.

I cooked the salmon in the same way I usually do. I rubbed in some curry powder and oil and then laid the portions out on a hot frying pan and put the lid on top for 5 minutes. I then poured in a tin of coconut cream and then added the vermicelli and then another tin of coconut cream. I broke up the salmon in the frying pan while cooking through the vermicelli and coconut cream.

The salad had mango, avocado, cucumber, cos lettuce, nectarines and tomatoes in it. 

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Earlier for breakfast I also had some granola


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