Diamond Head crater

Today is the last day in the North Shore. We drove through the middle of Oahu and onto Diamond Head before arriving in Honolulu.

We had to clean out the refrigerator so that meant I had to eat the rest of the spam while Bron made Cinnabon.

I took advantage of the extraordinary sweetness and cinnamon happiness in Cinnabon and combined it with the jalapeño spam, the last of the asparagus and a couple of eggs.

2015.04.23_08.30.20_001_GARY_LUM_FB 2015.04.23_08.45.51_002_GARY_LUM_FB


While I was preparing breakfast I processed a nice photograph from the Pali Lookout. 

2015.04.22_13.16.56_001_GARY_LUM_FBAfter breakfast we sadly had to pack our stuff to leave the North Shore so we can spend a night in Honolulu before our flight back to Sydney and then a bus ride to cold frigid dry painful Canberra. 

On departing the North Shore I ate at two more food trucks before noon. The first was Giovanni’s which has legend status but according to reviews has gone downhill a bit of late. I’d already had garlic prawns and hot and spicy prawns so I thought I would try their lemon and butter prawns. For $USD13 I was given 12 small prawns which were a little overcooked and tough. The  sauce was mostly lemon juice and a little butter. I was pretty disappointed.

2015.04.23_10.59.22_001_GARY_LUM_FB 2015.04.23_11.09.01_001_GARY_LUM_FB

Given the disappointment we headed off in the direction of Romy’s food truck in the hope of better quality prawns. 

We weren’t disappointed and as a treat I had some sweet and spicy pineapple. The meal was very expensive though, it cost me $USD21. The prawns though were well cooked, the shells were tender and the garlic was strong. 

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I’d happily recommend Romy’s.

2015.04.23_11.32.55_001_GARY_LUM_FB 2015.04.23_11.33.08_001_GARY_LUM_FB 2015.04.23_11.29.57_001_GARY_LUM_FB 2015.04.23_11.38.10_001_GARY_LUM_FB


2015.04.23_11.44.12_001_GARY_LUM_FB 2015.04.23_11.44.06_001_GARY_LUM_FB


As we drove through the ‘centre’ of Oahu we contemplated a Dole whip from the Dole Plantation but drove past thinking of the Diamond Head crater trail walk ahead of us.

As we approached Diamond Head I was thinking of lunch but thought it may be best to wait until after the climb given it’s a gentle trail but a steep climb at the end. It was a hot day and I think it was best to wait until after the walk.

The view of Waikiki from Diamond Head
The view of Waikiki from Diamond Head


Check out the walk I posted on RunKeeper. What it doesn’t show that well is the elevation.

After the walk we went to Leonard’s Bakery to try their legendary malasadas. My blogging friend Spencer Lum recommended them as a MUST DO in Oahu.

And try them I did. I bought four and ate them all. I had a cinnamon malasada, a chocolate malasada puff, a custard malasada puff and a coconut malasada puff.

They were all very good. 

2015.04.23_15.00.57_001_GARY_LUM_FB 2015.04.23_15.17.54_001_GARY_LUM_FB 2015.04.23_15.28.06_001_GARY_LUM_FBI wonder if I can get malasadas in Canberra.

On arriving in Honolulu we checked in again to the Aqua Waikiki Wave for the last night in Hawaii 

After a walk around Waikiki we found a Mexican restaurant to have our last meal in Hawaii. We sat down at La Cucaracha Mexican Bar and Grill in Waikiki. I asked for some jalapeño poppers because I’ve fallen in love with them plus a couple of fish tacos. Sorry about the quality of the photographs. The lighting was dim and very red. The food was okay, it didn’t make my mouth sing but it was not too bad. 

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2015.04.23_19.57.57_002_GARY_LUM_FB 2015.04.23_19.56.44_001_GARY_LUM_FB

So ends our stay in Hawaii. Tomorrow we’ll have breakfast and then head to HNL for the flight to SYD.

I’ll catch you in a few days. I hope you’ve enjoyed the story of the #Hawaii #holiday

Please let me know what you have thought. 

Have you walked up Diamond Head? Did you enjoy the view?

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