Caramel latte sundae

Regular readers know of my love of all things from Ricardo’s Cafe in Jamison. The cake display has recently changed over and I have been drooling over the caramel latte sundae. You can see a nice photograph of the old line up on their Facebook page.

Ricardo’s cafe has recently been written up in The Canberra Times’ Good Food Guide and there was news that a second restaurant will be opening in Woden near to where I work. I’ve been joking with friends that my Lowes discount card will be smashed soon as I buy new larger trousers and a new belt.

I finished work a little early today and drove to Ricardo’s Cafe and picked up a caramel latte sundae to enjoy as dessert tonight.

Before I get to dessert though I needed to make dinner. For that I made a simple beef and bacon burger with some avocado.

Beef and bacon burger with avocado
Beef and bacon burger with avocado

I smashed the avocado first and added lots of chili flakes to add a little spice! To try to reduce the fat levels I didn’t use butter this time and no cream cheese. It still tasted pretty amazing.


So after enjoying the burger I pulled out the caramel latte sundae and tried to eat it slowly and savour it. I used a teaspoon which I always find better for desserts. The popcorn was pretty nice. It was still crunchy and had a great caramel flavour. Inside the dessert was smooth, sweet and had a lovely caramel surprise inside.

Caramel latte sundae from Ricardo's Cafe, Jamison
Caramel latte sundae from Ricardo’s Cafe, Jamison

If you’re in Canberra I highly recommend the caramel latte sundae from Ricardo’s cafe

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10 Responses

  1. Who puts butter on burgers? I had no idea people do that. As far as I have come across, butter is for sandwiches. Maybe tiny me needs to eat more burgers 🙂

    That is a wonderful caramel latte sundae. I can’t imagine it falling apart when you eat it…but I suppose it’s a beautiful sight 🙂

    1. I love butter and that may be why I’m not a ‘tiny Asian’ lol

      I usually add butter to anything that has a bread surface. I usually don’t even think about it.

      The mousse texture kept the sundae together so that each spoon captured a small amount to savour which meant many more spoonfuls and more fun 🙂

  2. Yum!! because of seeing this beautiful dessert of your Gary, I stopped by Ricardo’s and picked up a cronut with a raspberry sauce syringe, AND a pecan tart. My eyes were clearly bigger than mah belly. I wonder if anyone has successfully worked their way through the entire dessert case? (not in the same sitting that is). How wonderful they are opening a new store in Woden. I can’t wait to see what this store will offer. I read its to be a more cozy space? Plus its just across the road from my building, so hey, I might see you in line sometime? [or indeed rubbing shoulders should they want volunteers for a soft opening] :))))

    1. Ha, I do know someone who has eaten the entire display case (not me either).
      I work in Scarborough House so I look forward to eating at the new Woden store regularly. It may be my new pay day ritual.

    1. Mmm…sounds interesting. I’m going to try that. I tried my first square of Vegemite chocolate today and liked it. I bought some on the way home 😀

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