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It’s dangerous to use words like favourite blogs because if I don’t include someone’s blog they may feel upset. I really don’t like upsetting people. So I’m qualifying the list by the word “current”. My interests wax and wane like anyone so this list is a group of blogs that currently tickle my fancy.

This list is in no particular order

Live2EatEat2Live Spencer is a brother from another mother and he lives in Hawaii. He and The Cat love food. Spencer shares photographs of what he’s eaten every day.

Little Monster Girl Jennifer Paetsch is an indie author and webcomic artist. LMG is about Zela, an often topless monster girl who has adventures with other monsters and animals. Jennifer also shares a little of her life and asks a question with most posts. She has great interaction with her followers. NSFW 

Carnivore Confidential Doug is a Canadian and he knows his meat. He’s a butcher after all. You can learn a lot from Doug.

Good Things Liz Posmyk lives in Canberra and is one of Canberra’s most popular food bloggers. Good Things is a very professional site. Liz also administers our local food bloggers Facebook group.

Kayak Camera Man Paul Jurak lives in Canberra. He loves photography and kayaking. Check out his glorious photographs. He makes Canberra look good even when the weather sucks.

Tales of a Confectionist The Confectionist lives in Canberra and has a chef partner and eats extraordinarily well. She’s getting married soon. I wonder if she’ll take a break when she’s on honeymoon. I’m tempted to bet a body part that she will continue to blog and share photographs of the food she is enjoying.

Seriously Rebecca Rebecca lives in an isolated part of Canada and works in a fast food restaurant. She also has interesting neighbours. Sex is often an element of each post. NSFW

Not Quite Nigella Lorraine Elliott is consistently regarded as Australia’s top blogger. Lorraine cooks delicious meals, reviews restaurants and travels widely to share her take on the best places to stay and eat. Her airline business class reviews are fantastic. Coupled with Mr NQN, the food photography is fantastic, especially when you consider the dark ambience of many restaurants and the really poor lighting in aeroplanes. NQN also has a close group of friends who eat with her and Mr NQN and the stories can be hilarious especially when she runs her friend’s Tinder account.

Leanne Cole Photography Leanne has a fantastic photography website. She shares so many helpful tips and advice for others. From time to time Leanne also invites other photographers to share their thoughts on her blog.

I’m not sure how often I’ll do this. I hope I haven’t upset anyone. I try to interact with a lot of bloggers. These are just some of my favourite blogs at the moment.

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What are some of your favourite blogs?

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